The Sims 4 free update adds sexual preferences and body hair, available now

Alongside the release of the new High School Years expansion pack for The Sims 4, the game has added a host of new features, available for free to all players. It includes the addition of some long-requested features, including the ability to select a sexual preference for each Sim and grow body hair.

Also new is the addition of “Desires and Fears” which will affect your Sims’ long-term growth and personality, as well as in-game phone improvements. high school theme.

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The new sexual preference mechanic will be multi-faceted, allowing you to choose who a Sim is attracted to, both physically and romantically. This will also allow Sims to choose who they would like to “mess around” with or decide if they are still exploring their options.

However, the sexual preference function is binary as it currently exists, meaning you can only select male or female attraction. The Sims 4 development team has publicly acknowledged this limitation – it is present due to the age of the game and the rigidity of its decade-old code structure. Hopefully this means that a change in functionality will be investigated in the future.

The Sims July 4, 2022 Update Patch Notes:


  • On some PlayStation®4 systems, Eco Lifestyle’s Evergreen Harbor had a lot of glittering objects in the environment. We think we have covered up the problem. If you see it, please let us know and provide information about the PlayStation model and OS version.
  • On Xbox, interacting with the chicken coop in Cottage Living no longer causes the cursor to disappear.
  • Closing the Notebook interface now also hides its controller legend.

The Sims 4

  • Sims can, once again, walk to an open side of the bed that is pushed against the wall.
  • Sims reliably deliver food to toddlers via the “Grab a Serving for Me” interaction. “.
  • Organizing a birthday party for a toddler? Sims can now “Compliment Birthday Sim” to complete the party if this objective appears.
  • Did you know that your Sims can take care of a need on their own if you click on the need in the Needs panel? Try! Sims with the cleanliness trait now clean themselves when you click “Hygiene” instead of cleaning their house.
  • The Vault modular counter retains its color under the dirt when dirty.
  • Sims run again when using The MotionMonitor Playmat and PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Play Mat.
  • Both “Save” and “Delete” buttons now appear when hovering over a save slot on the “Save Game” screen.
  • Sims can ask about these likes and dislikes without having their own preferences: decor, color, hobbies and skills, and music.
  • Since Sims in the same household already know each other, they no longer have the ability to ask questions about different likes and dislikes. “Ask about career” is the only exception.
  • When socializing with another Sim, questions related to “Like and Dislike” are now grouped into a category with that name.
  • Your Sims went on vacation with another household. You have just learned via a Neighborhood Story notification that they have adopted! This notification is now named after the home world of this household rather than the vacation world.
  • Placing a lot from the gallery defaults to its lot type instead of asking to change the location’s lot type.
  • When you have a window that lines up with the dotted half-tile mark and the window is as wide as its footprint, you can now place another window like this right next to it.
  • Placing a rounded platform in another room now fills the tiling around the curve.
  • Placement dragonfly swarm and mosquitoes on ponds now translates to dragonflies and mosquitoes respectively. Bzzzzzzz bzzz….
  • Cars seen remotely on low-end computers now look more like cars and less like a beginner carpentry project.
  • That screen that appears when you can choose which Sim to do something with the active Sim… we’ve adjusted the header so the longer text doesn’t overlap with your Sim’s portrait.
  • This screen also always displays the “Everyone” category when it appears.
  • The behind-the-scenes pregnancy tracker has some improvements for better performance and stability.
  • We fixed three types of crashes:
    • [PS4-only] A case has occasionally occurred on PS4 when saving a bundle to my library.
    • One was related to graphics.
    • And the most annoying sometimes happened when placing a retail lot containing mannequins. Take that, crash!
  • Promotion conditions in the Career panel now have a helpful tooltip.
  • The Lot Challenges icon now has a helpful tooltip.

cats and dogs

  • These curtains can now be placed around windows: Casual Country Curtains, Cozy Country Curtains, and Charming Country Curtains.


  • Gnomes placed from inventory no longer continue to spawn seed packets after Harvestfest ends.

living on the island

  • Kids progress towards their Outdoor Adventurer badge when they catch fish or frogs.

Discover the university

  • After changing specialization branches in a career, your Sim now earns the well-deserved rewards of that new career.
  • The “Get to Class Early” button now appears one hour before college classes start.
  • Sims go to college classes early when directed to their campus.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

  • What, you don’t want to see books among the ingredients available for the Juice Fizzing station? Well, ok. Loading ingredients now only shows the correct edible ingredients.
  • Idle animations for enjoying a soft drink while seated at a table now play correctly.
  • Sims can wash off the “Complexion in an explosion!” moodlet with a good shower or bath.

Snowy getaway

  • Sims in the Employee Career can complete the “Hold a Conference Call” task consistently.
  • Drink it lifestyle potion now removes lifestyles. Go ahead and discover your new you!
  • Sims now correctly gain up to three active lifestyles.
  • Mountain climbing excursions now start instead of automatically cancelling. Let’s conquer those climbs together!

Living in a cottage

  • Specific variations of Chicken Coop remain the same color when they become dirty.
  • Chickens no longer prevent the Egg Hunt tradition from ending. Rumor has it that they collected all the decorative eggs for themselves.
  • Verdant Mushroom Soup now displays correctly when choosing it from the recipe list to cook with other Sims and grab portions.
  • Color samples for long hair with bandana(ymHair_EP11LongBandana) now match hair color.


  • Getting angry at stuffed toys now lowers the Teen Sim’s empathy. Badness has consequences!


  • Error code 106:7f97032:aa761f01 no longer occasionally occurs when traveling to the Secret Lab in StrangerVille.

Trip to Batuu

  • The “Hot Tip” mission for Scoundrels now correctly calls for collecting five intel shards.

dream home decorator

  • The yfBottom_GP10Capri_Solid capri pants now correctly appear as brown when selecting the brown color swatch.


  • Werewolf and Vampire Sims now leave the appropriate tunnel entrances after choosing “Explore Underground Tunnels”.

small life

  • Murphy bed remote now has the correct texture.

Break the dust

  • Don’t want to fix your broken vacuum cleaner yourself? It now has interactions to replace it with a new one or hire a Sim to repair it.
  • Dusty Chaperone Upright Vacuum now sparks when broken.

You can consult the official The Sims 4 patch notes on The Sims 4 website.

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