The Sims 4 free content includes new hairstyles and a Mass Effect crossover

The Sims 4 released a free content drop via Sims Delivery Express.

Of the new items available to all players, perhaps the most notable are two new hairstyles – Bantu Knots and Two-Strand Twists – which originate from and are worn by the Black community.

The developers worked with the content creator DeeSims on hairstyles.

“My goal was representation! ” she said. “I knew I wanted to create more textured hairstyles for the game.


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“I wanted to embrace curly, textured hair styles with everyday textures and create styles that are common in the black community, so more and more Simmers can continue to see themselves in The Sims 4.”

Additionally, fans of Mass Effect franchise, another EA property, can enjoy new N7-themed clothing, including a few shirts and hats, and a tattoo.

the sims 4 mass effect collaboration


A few new mustaches are also part of this SDX delivery, while a Simlish version of “Practice” by Brazilian singer and songwriter Anitta was included.

A feature originally slated for shipping that ended up being postponed was a bug fix for overly aggressive or mean Sims.

On Twitterthe team apologized, adding, “The patch will be delayed until early December.”

the sims 4 mustache


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The team has also responded to recent concerns about gallery moderation, with a disturbing number of racist and offensive player submissions being uploaded.

“We are also taking steps to review The Sims 4 Gallery,” they said. “Nevertheless, with over 40,000 uploads to the Gallery each day, your reports help moderators identify users and uploads that are breaching these barriers, so please continue to report using the ‘Report’ button.

“These steps include reviewing the banned word list for the update.”

the sims 4 pastel pop kit


Elsewhere, this week saw the release of the Pastel Pop Kit and Daily Clutter Kit. For the former, the developers collaborated with content creator Plumbella.

Two new expansions were announced last month during the Behind the Sims summit, while upgraded babies are also coming in early 2023.

The franchise’s fifth base game is currently in development under the working title Project René.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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