The Sims 4 Fans’ Studio Ghibli-Inspired Tiny House Gets Developer Approval

The Sims 4’s gorgeous little one-player house inspired by the Studio Ghibli movies has been hailed online this week by the game’s developer.

A The Sims 4 The amazing little Studio Ghibli-inspired gamer’s house has been praised by the game’s developers. The Sims 4 building designs inspired by pop culture trends is a favorite activity for many gamers, as the game allows for so much creative freedom. It’s because of a myriad of items inside The Sims 4 which can be used in different ways.

The The Sims 4 has released a huge amount of DLC since its release in 2014, and while some focus primarily on gameplay elements, others also focus on certain aesthetic building styles, such as small life which is all about compact homes, or Living in a cottage which offers a multitude of articles on the theme of the chalet. Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli has made many beautiful films over the years to the delight of many, such as My Neighbor Totoro and Taken away as if by magic, all directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Studio Ghibli filming locations are a common topic for many builders, not just in The Sims 4 but in any franchise that allows construction – for example, animal crossing players often recreate Ghibli locations as well.


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An amazing little Studio Ghibli home shared by this1greenleaf on Twitter garnered a shout of approval from The Sims account this week complimenting the design, responding that “these vibrations arefollowed by a series of free emojis. User’s stunning design is not a specific reference to any specific Studio Ghibli film, but rather an amalgamation of the typical themes and aesthetics seen in the works of Miyazaki of nature, reminiscent of the common themes of earth, wildlife and forest spirits seen in many Ghibli films.The bicycle that is parked in the front of the house is also a common element seen in many Miayazaki films, such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and From the top of Poppy Hill.

This charming construction skillfully uses objects and landscaping – especially those of The Sims 4it is Living in a cottage DLC – to capture the magical aura of Studio Ghibli films. Fittingly, the stumps seen in the back of the design may even be a magic item, as they resemble the tree stump used in conjunction with magic beans to create Plant Sims. The Wild Bird House object is also perfectly at home in construction and could easily be considered part of a protagonist’s fantastic interactions with nature in a film. Although the architectural style of the house is a bit more western, the slightly overgrown look and adorable house could still fit perfectly into one of Miyazaki’s films.

It’s no wonder Studio Ghibli fans love recreating studio-inspired scenes and designs, whether they’re based on a specific movie or just Miyazaki’s overall aesthetic – the movies have a unique quality and beautiful that makes movies stand out from other animations. This user build is an adorably functional homage to the studio, and a reminder of the great value creators bring to others within the The Sims 4 community. If downloaded from the sims Gallery, the house could be used by other players to create their own Ghibli scenarios for their characters and provide hours of gameplay for any Miyazaki fan.

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Source: that1greenleaf/Twitter, The Sims/Twitter

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