The Sims 4 expansion packs ranked worst to best, according to Metacritic

The Sims 4 currently has 11 expansion packs, with a new high school expansion pack just announced. These expansion packs are the biggest form of DLC content available for purchase for the game, including all sorts of new worlds and lifestyles with new styles of items, clothing, and sometimes pets. . Moreover, they can provide a new gaming experience with each pack.

With all of these options to choose from, including the upcoming pack, fans will determine where each ranks among the others. New High school years The expansion pack will join a collection of expansion packs that have received mixed reception from critics and fans.


11 Get together – 72

Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack

The Meet pack brought the idea of ​​clubs to The Sims 4, which can be handpicked by players or organized by individual sims’ hobbies and interests, helping players meet like-minded sims. The club system makes it easy for sims to get together and unlock extra bonuses and relationship points through group activities.

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The pack was received as a welcome extension to the previously difficult task of getting sims to hang out in large groups. It was, however, criticized in reviews for giving little depth in this expansion pack beyond the club system to The Sims 4, offering a little more than the previous sims base games would usually contain.

ten Get to work – 73

Set to work

Set to work was the first expansion pack to be released for The Sims 4 at the beginning of 2015. It differs from any previous offering in the whole sims franchise by being the first time players can play as their sims when working as a doctor, detective, or scientist. This gave players first-hand influence on their work performance.

Although the game has been praised for giving players new control over their sims’ lives, Set to work was criticized for being repetitive and lacking replayability. With only three careers to choose from, the expansion pack was also criticized for continuing The Sims 4′s central problem of having little content compared to its predecessors.

9 Become famous – 77

Become famous

The Become famous expansion brought the concept of fame to The Sims 4, in which sims can earn certain levels of fame through notable activities and interactions. The pack also brought the acting career to the game and Hollywood world of Del Sol Valley.

The interactive acting career and the fame reward for the pursuit of arts in acting have been well received by fans. a lot of high sims YouTubers, such as Lil Simsie, criticized the game for having incomplete bundles that couldn’t function properly due to a lack of essential items when the pack was released.

8 Living in the city – 78

To live in town

Presentation of the world of the city of San Myshuno, To live in town brought an urban touch that revitalized The Sims 4. Most notably, the expansion pack brought apartments to the game and the ability to rent houses of varying quality, as well as noisy neighbors and new urban careers such as art critic or politician.

The townscape and apartments made a welcome change to the old housing only sims worlds. The frequent festivals and bustling atmosphere of the streets of San Myshuno have been well received by fans, as the vibrant world has helped bring the pack and downtown experience to life.

seven Cats & Dogs – 80

Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs It was the first time that pets appeared in The Sims 4, offering a sizable collection of breeds and custom painting tools to make an adorable furry friend in the game. The new vet career that has been included has expanded the list of interactive careers available to play in the game.

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The vast selection and customization, as well as the veterinary career option, were a welcome addition to The Sims 4. However, the pack offered little clothing and pet supplies, being sold in an additional pack, My first pet a move criticized by fans for offering less content at higher costs.

6 Snowy getaway – 80

Snowy getaway

The winter world of Mount Komorebi was introduced in this expansion pack, where players can ski and snowboard on the vast mountains of the world. The Japanese-inspired gameplay offered residential lots and vacation homes, so sims could live in or just visit the world and its exciting new offerings for The Sims 4.

The game has won acclaim for its addition of Japanese culture to the mostly Western-style worlds of The Sims. Simmers played a pivotal role in the development of the game, where die-hard fans sims fans have been urged by EA to build bundles for the game, after previous fan criticism of the quality of the pre-made bundles.

5 Live at the cottage – 80

Living in a cottage

country life continues the trend of introducing new crops The Sims 4, featuring the English country village of Henford-on-Bagley. Gameplay is primarily farming-based, introducing new styles of foraging and farming sims’ lands, as well as introducing livestock like cows, chickens, and llamas.

The pack granted fans’ long-held wish to introduce an agricultural pack with a “Cottagecore” aesthetic, compared to typical models sims suburb. The gameplay was particularly praised for adding depth to the “off the grid” style that many gamers engage with, where their sims live off their land without water or electricity.

4 Seasons – 81


Seasons introduces the new weather and changing seasons of the year into a calendar structure in The Sims 4. This came with traditional real-world holidays that sims could participate in and the ability for players to create their own unique holidays and create their own traditions for them.

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The ability of the pack to affect all forms of play in The Sims 4 through the ever-changing calendar structure and weather Seasons a fan favorite. The game’s replay value makes the expansion good value, offering a permanent change to the game rather than a brief adventure.

3 Discover the University – 81

Discover the university

University was another highly fan-requested pack, expanding on the franchise’s previous college expansion packs by offering more than one college to attend. It introduced a roommate system and varying degrees of accolades, allowing sims to balance studying and partying in a new gaming experience.

The expansion pack’s changes to previous versions of college life have been well received, offering different styles of arts and STEM degrees. It also brought a new experience to teenage and young adult sims, which previously had little contrast to adult sims, and offered a new form of life and education. Additionally, the Search Engine is only available in this expansion pack and is a quick way to get rich quick by The Sims 4.

2 Ecological Lifestyle – 82

Ecological life

Eco-friendly lifestyle brought the real issue of climate change and environmental activism into The Sims. In the polluted new world of Evergreen Harbor, the sim must strive to improve the global ecological footprint by adapting sims’ homes and creating community initiatives.

The pack gave players the ability to directly impact their sim’s environment and experiences in a new way. The neighborhood system has helped create a more cohesive community, which The Sims 4 was previously lacking due to its lack of open-world style gameplay.

1 Island life – 84

living on the island

The most critically acclaimed expansion pack to date is island life, a new addition that brought the depth of the ocean to Sultani’s new island world, based on Pacific Island culture and the Hawaiian Islands. The pack offered the ability to explore beaches and marine life in a pack that was completely unlike anything that had come before. The Sims 4, as well as the introduction of occult mermaid sims.

The pack is a fan favorite due to its stunning graphics depicting the atmosphere of the island and its oceans, especially with its attention to detail in depicting Pacific Islander culture, handled with great respect by the developers of the game. The island and mermaid lifestyle are not just vacations to try out, but realistic worlds that sims can enjoy residing in and lend themselves well to frequent replays.

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