The Sims 4 ‘Everyday Clutter’ Kit Lets Players Make a Clutter

I am not one of those people with a clean and maintained aesthetic. To quote Marie Kondo – and ignore her intent behind the phrase – I love disorder. My desk is cluttered with everything I always use, lots of pens, stacked notebooks, and books waiting to be read. This extends to how I like to decorate in The Sims 4: I like the look of a lot of gear, and the publisher Electronic Arts has makes it easy to pile piles of aesthetic clutter around our Sims’ homes. Apparently I’m not the only one in this case: The Sims 4 gamers love a mess, as evidenced by the pure amount of mods created by players adding it to the game.

On November 10, however, Electronic Arts is adding more clutter – literally – to The Sims 4 with the daily mess kit. It will add items such as coffee mugs, stacks of magazines, jewelry boxes, books, games, keys and cell phone cases.

I like it because it adds character. It helps tell the story that yes, my sims do live like that. It’s the kind of boring, everyday stuff that makes a space chaotic, if you’re willing to commit to it a lot. And I am.

The other new kit is called Pastel color, and it’s a pink and purple-hued kit with vintage-inspired designs in unique, bubbly shapes. Naturally, I think it will look very cute piled high with a mess. And the good news is that Pastel Pop Is have your own clutter, which has a bunch of office items and “tchotchkes”, according to Electronic Arts. Like Everyday Clutter, the Pastel Pop Kit will be available for purchase on November 10.

However The Sims 4 is now free from October 18, you will still need to purchase these additional kits. Kits usually cost $4.99 per pack, unlike Stuff Packs, which are larger and cost $9.99 per pack.

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