The Sims 4 Critics Career Guide

Sims 4 City Living lets you play as an art or food critic in the Critic Career. You move up the ladder and end up exercising your judgment on food or art. This guide will cover all the details you need about the crit career in Sims 4 like its skills, traits, career levels, and tips.

How to become a critic in The Sims 4?

The criteria for becoming a critical are not very demanding, although the short hours may delay advancement. On the road to art criticism, note the discrepancies between writing and art, or on the road to food criticism, note the discrepancies between gourmet cuisine and writing.

Both provide a great option for a Writer Sim to supplement their income. Even if the writer’s career is more focused, both types of critics can improve their performance at work by going out into the world and critiquing food or musical acts.

This job allows you to work from home. This is true for both branches of this profession and the other two in the City Living expansion pack. A pop-up window will appear in the lower left corner of your screen every day before work.

If you choose this option, you can make your Sim work remotely, but you won’t get professional performance. You will have some tasks to do to get paid.

This is primarily to allow you to earn money while maintaining control of your Sim. This is especially handy around level 10 of the career; however, you might want to raise the bar first to get some incentives.

In addition to your responsibilities, you have complete control over your time and can use it to improve your skills or meet your career advancement needs.

Go to To find a job on your phone to start working as a reviewer. Or you can choose the Find a Job option from the Career Panel in the lower right corner. You will see a set of careers from which to choose Critical.

You will have the following career choices after selecting Critic:

Best skills and traits for crits

The best Critical Programmer skills and traits are given below.


The creative skill is usually a great choice because it allows your sims to write faster and you will still be writing articles. It is also beneficial to improve your art and writing skills.

Greedy character

If your Sim is heading into the Food Critics branch, you can choose the Foodie trait to give them an edge when writing food reviews.

Career Levels and Critics Rankings

Inspired is the ideal environment for all ranks and disciplines of this profession. Keep an eye out for other skill requirements as you progress through professional tiers. It’s one less thing to do if you can get a head start on writing early on. It helps to decide whether you want to pursue art or food criticism early on so you can focus on painting/music or cooking.

Details on the three levels you go through before your career is split into two branches are given below.

Level Use Salary
1 paper delivery man $21/hour
2 history researcher $29/hour
3 Beat Reporter $34/hour

Career levels and art critic rankings

Art critics can write a piece at home or visit the city to assess street artists. Given the lost opportunity to critique artworks, Arts Critic is a bit depressed. You can engage with others to appreciate art, but you can’t write about fantastic art in a gallery.

Instead, you’ll visit San Myshuno to see street performers. Karaoke doesn’t count, but you can complete a review anywhere you can locate a Sim playing a musical instrument.

It’s a simple process. If you want to move fast, you have to prepare in advance. There are transitions from writing to musical instruments and art in this section. A positive aspect of this career part is that once you reach level 8, you will get a permanent 20% discount on all art purchases in build mode.

Levels, jobs, and salaries for art critics are listed below.

Level Use Salary
4 arrogant expert $47/hour
5 Show Scout $66/hour
6 Refined reviewer $93/hour
seven cultural connoisseur $130/hour
8 Chief Spokesperson $182/hour
9 Syndicated Superstar $273/hour
ten Grand Steward of the Arts $454/hour

Career Levels and Food Critics Rankings

You can go out on the town and rate the food or drink at a bar/restaurant in the food critic career. You might as well stay home and write an essay, so this is something you might consider doing when your Sim’s time is tight.

To unlock Gourmet Cooking, you must first reach Level 5 in Normal Cooking, so get started as soon as possible. You will almost always have excellent quality meals if you choose this job. Improving interaction with dishes allows food critics to improve the quality of a dish. Depending on the drive letter you received, checking mail will put you in a good or bad mood.

The levels, jobs, and salaries of food critics, which are the second branch of the critics career, are shown below.

Level Use Salary
4 food hunter $49/hour
5 Food stall patron $73/hour
6 restaurant appraiser $110/hour
seven Local delicacy $164/hour
8 expert epicurean $230/hour
9 The kitchen’s worst nightmare $345/hour
ten Preserver of the most beautiful flavors $441/hour

Critical cheat

You can also use some hacks to advance your reviewing career. By hitting Ctrl+Shift+Cyou can access the cheat console and access these hacks.

You can use Command + Shift + C on a Mac to play this game and use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 on the console. You need to press all four shoulder buttons to access the cheat console on Xbox One.

To activate the cheats, put Test cheats True Where The tests deceive in the cheat console and press enter. For a quick promotion, you can type careers.promote adult_critic.

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