The Sims 4 Criminal Career

The Sims 4 The criminal career has two diverging paths after level 5, the Boss and Oracle branches. To find out what promotion rewards you will get The Sims 4 criminal career and how to progress in it, read here.

The Sims 4: Criminal Career Requirements

The main skills you will need to improve to progress in the criminal career are mischief and handling if you enter the “Boss” branch, or mischief and programming if you enter the “Oracle” branch.

For level 10 oracle title you will need level 10 mischief and level 8 programming skill. For boss level ten you will need level 10 mischief and level six handling skill.

You can improve your mischief skills by practicing playful interactions with other sims and playing with voodoo dolls. Programming can be practiced on a PC and maneuverability can be improved whenever a sim tries to fix a broken device. You can also purchase skill books from a PC or shelf, have your Sim read them, and gain knowledge about the skill.

To be promoted quickly in the criminal career, you can ask your sim to “work hard” while he is at work and sending your sim to work in a playful atmosphere from levels 1 to 5 is the ideal atmosphere. Avoid using the “Work Hard” interaction if your sim is tense or uncomfortable, as it can reduce work performance.

The Sims 4: Criminal Career Tips

The Sims 4: Criminal Career Cheats

Below are the skill cheats you need to advance skills specific to the criminal career. Remember to open the cheat box first and type “testingcheats true” to enable the use of cheats in your game.

  • Mischief Skill – stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief 10
  • Handiness Skill – stats.set_skill_level Major_Handiness 10
  • Programming Skill – stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming 10

Below is the cheat to instantly promote yourself in the criminal career, to demote your sim instead, simply replace the word “promote” with “demote”.

careers.promote Criminal

  • For more information on how you can use cheats in The Sims 4, see our guide on how to enter CAS full edit mode which details how to use cheats in-game.

The Sims 4: Criminal Career Rewards

The Sims 4: Criminal Career Rewards

In addition to the usual cash bonuses, you will also unlock the Criminal Career items in the Build and Buy Catalog and receive the following:

  • Tier Two – Spy Sculpt Emblems
  • Level three – Duffel o’ Cash and Pick Pocket interaction
  • Tier Four – Vintage Baseball Bat Sculpture
  • Level five – new career clothes

Criminal Career: Boss Branch Rewards

  • Level Six – Stolen ATM
  • Level Seven – Gold Bars
  • Level Eight – Stolen Necklace of the Late Duchess Pinky
  • Level Nine – “Find Banking Plans” Interaction on PC
  • Level Ten – Fisticuffs Punching Bag, New Career Clothing, and ‘Capo’s Quarters’ Room

Criminal Career: Oracle Branch Rewards

  • Level Six – Spy Satellite
  • Level Seven – Shows hot and cold tech specs and “Hack Mainframe” interaction on a PC
  • Level eight – The Indispensable Mat
  • Level Ten – Laptop Mayhem, New Career Clothes and the “Deconstruction Room”
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