The Sims 4 Criminal Career Guide

A criminal career at the very beginning is not something that can earn you a lot of money in The Sims 4. The only advantage you will see at the beginning is the promotion bonuses, which are much more than any other career in the game This guide will cover all the details you need about Criminal Career in Sims 4 like its skills, traits, career levels, best mods and tips.

How to become a criminal in The Sims 4?

You can start working as a criminal by going to the phone and selecting To find a job. Or go to the Career panel in the lower right corner and select the Find a job option. You will find a full list of available careers and you can choose Criminal.

For this career, the only skill you will need is nonsense. Anger is something you will need for this skill in Sims 4. However, the best way to level mischief skills is Troll the forums.

Best Skills and Traits for a Criminal Career

Some of the best skills and characteristics of the criminal are presented below.


Dastardly is used to boost Evil and Mean traits so Sims can perform negative interactions. Negative interactions will give a boost to the Mischief skill.


This trait is beneficial for a criminal career. This trait makes Sims very angry and fights with other Sims. This will not only help you increase the Mischief skill, but also create new enemies.

Head of Mischief

This trait is for those who want their Sims to be meaner. The more your Sims use this trait, the more they will be encouraged to make enemies. You can improve your mischief skill by using this trait.

Criminal Career Levels and Job Rankings

When you start your career in this profession, you will go through 5 levels before the criminal career is divided into two branches. After level 5, you can choose from the Boss or Oracle branches. The 5 levels, jobs and salaries can be seen below.

Level Use Salary
1 badass/girl §63/Day
2 little thief §91/Day
3 ring leader §136/Day
4 Monk Felonius §161/Day
5 Minor crime lord §192/Day

Boss career levels and position rankings

Once you have completed the fifth level of your criminal career, there are two branches to choose from. The first branch is Boss, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are listed below.

Level Use Salary
6 The muscle §636/Day
seven Chauffeur Getaway §1,911/day
8 security cracker §2,233/day
9 The brains §2,681/day
ten The boss §3,115/day

Oracle Career Levels and Job Rankings

The second branch is Oracle, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are listed below.

Level Use Salary
6 DigiThief §344/Day
seven elite hacker §584/Day
8 anonymous ghost §1,170/day
9 net daemon §1,638/day
ten the oracle §2,212/day

Best Mods for Playing Criminal in The Sims 4

Basic drugs

This mod adds things like hard drugs and other issues to our world. You can spread, buy and sell your drugs. You will live the life of a hardened criminal in this mod.

Be careful because the cops or SWAT can loot you if you buy or sell drugs quickly. Use money laundering to avoid these raids.

Extreme violence by sacrificial

The mod is used for extreme violence in the game. You will get everything from murderer and gangs and this one is even compatible with life tragedies mod.

You can choose from many violent interactions and even start a turf war by joining the gang of your choice. This mood doubles the joy of a criminal career in Sims 4.

Custom Career: Teenage Criminal

This custom mod from Rex will allow you to bring teenage Sims into the realm of crime. You can start a part-time career for your teenage Sims in which they will pickpocket. You can also plan the crime and get custom chance cards to affect your Sim’s character.

Torture and Chaos

Torture and Chaos is another great mod from Sacrificial that will give your non-occult Sims a book of dark power that can be used to kill and torture other Sims. Sims become dangerous with the Book of Chaos in their pocket. That’s why this is one of the best mods for a criminal career in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 Criminal Career Cheats

You can access these cheats by heading to the cheat console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C.

If you are playing this game on Mac, you can use Command + Shift + C. For console, you can use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2. For Xbox One, you need to press all four shoulder buttons to access the cheat console.

Once the cheat console appears, type Test cheats True or Testingcheats and press Enter to enable cheats. For a quick promotion, you can type careers.promote criminal, and Criminal will take it to the next level. You can use this cheat until you reach the required level.

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