The Sims 4 confirms High School Years, its new expansion pack; date, content and full details

The Sims 4 is preparing for the landing of its next expansion. High School Years will take players to experience the high school scene in detail, from life on campus with the rest of the students to those special teenage moments, such as the end of year dances. Its release is scheduled for July 28 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Learn about high school in The Sims 4

The extension offers a detailed journey through the adolescence of our sims. Copperdale High School will open its doors with all kinds of activities, both during and outside school hours. We will have to meet the teachers, live the lessons day by day and enjoy the free time when we hear the bell ringing.

Electronic Arts promises the possibility of participating in a multitude of activities, such as football, cheerleading, chess, computing or attending science festivals. Joining a club and socializing with its members will be one of the key elements in working your way through this expansion’s offerings.

The logical thing to do is to brush up on your subjects to finish high school, which will lead you to the infamous graduation ceremony. This ball is one of the emblematic moments of adolescence. Invite your crush and first love to the dance floor. If you’d rather be a hooligan, you can pull off pranks to liven up your stay. Be aware of the consequences if the teachers catch you…

As usual, the expansions incorporate an assortment of cosmetic items with which to expand your locker. You can expect significant new developments in furniture and decorations that align with the teenage years.

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