The Sims 4 CC lets kids get creative, and it’s absolutely adorable

They say kids are the future, and kids in The Sims 4 are certainly a huge part of the appeal of the best game in life. Luckily, the best Sims 4 custom content creators are still hard at work creating lots of great ways to keep your kids busy. This should give their parents a chance to focus on important adult stuff (we’re of course talking about cleaning up all that Sims 4 clutter, not using more of the best Sims 4 sex mods, so stick your head out of the gutter ) .

Sims creators such as Pandasama and Ravasheen have many great options to help liven up the process of raising your virtual children. Ravasheen is a creator who focuses on “creating Maxis-match style items and mini-mods that look good, add functionality, and are customizable.” Their delightfully named “Ken You Not Dollhouses” offers some really great playsets for your kids to play with, with five different styles to choose from. They are all designed to fit in a single tile space and can even be placed in compartments or on top of other units and still be functional.

Pandasama is a creator specializing in creating custom animations. They began their modding journey at the start of lockdown in 2020, saying they “noticed custom animation is something that’s really lacking in the modding community and decided I should give it a try.” Pandasama says they’ve often spent twelve hours learning how to animate in any given day – and it certainly shows in their results.

The “Toddler Creativity Pack” offers a range of creative toys for your little ones to play with. There’s an art set for them to doodle to their heart’s content, stackable rings that will test their thinking skills, a xylophone with custom sounds, and a crafting station for them to build decorative items and even functional toys.

The drawing tools in particular open up a lot of really interesting options. Not only can kids work on their art skills, but they can also be mentored by an adult, helped by another child to create unique partner drawings, or even snack on crayons if they get too hungry! For even more options, Pandasama’s “Toddler bedroom stuff” pack includes a basketball hoop and a rocking horse among several cozy lounging options.

In a discussion on Sims Reddit where fans share some of their favorite personalized content for kids, one commenter remarked, “As someone with around 20,000 [pieces of] installed CC, I sometimes feel like a lot of current Sims players have no idea how good the modding community is in this game. We’re really lucky to have all of these amazing creators.

It really is a world of opportunity. Now that you can get The Sims 4 for free, we’re sure many of you will be new to all of this, so we’ve got a Sims 4 CC guide teaching you how to install custom content and where to find it. We also have all the Sims 4 cheats for unlimited money, perfect moods, and more, plus the best Sims 4 mods to start modding your game and unlocking even more of that potential.

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