The Sims 4 Bundle Lets You Turn Your Home Into An Absolute Disgrace

A new Sims 4 bundle from EA lets you transform your perfect game of life house in total ruin adding clutter and mess, great for creating that personal, lived-in feel, but a total nightmare for gamers like me, who want everything neat and tidy, and already planning a cleaning routine. detailed housekeeping before The Sims 5 release date.

You have to put it back to the daily mess kit. Vast and detailed, it’s got just about every bit, bob, and junk you could leave lying around your house when you’re exhausted from life and don’t care who knows. Piles of mugs, stacks of magazines, a yoga mat and a kettlebell you never use – it’s all here.

My favorite is the “procrastinator’s stuff box”, just a stack of boxes that serve no purpose other than to emphasize the fact that you haven’t bothered to unbox them yet and throw them away. Your Sims 4 home should be a reflection of your lifestyle, and with a bunch of stuff strewn arbitrarily over the place, what better way to tell neighbors and future romantic partners that you don’t care, that you’re too tired? , and meh .

Alternatively, other items like the small notepad and collection of pencils you can perch on a desk, or the pot of money, overflowing with loose simoleons, give your Sims 4 home a really sweet personal touch. If you want that cozy atmosphere, you can choose Daily congestion for $5.99 USD/£4.99 GBP right now.

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