The Sims 4 bug takes years off your Sims’ lives

The Sims 4 just got a new update and a glitch that crept in with the patch is aging The Sims way before their time.

Reports of the problem have been quite widespread, such as the Sims Community fan site (opens in a new tab) Remarks. Sims progress rapidly through the different stages of their lives: teenagers become young adults, adults become elders, and so on. Community testing (opens in a new tab) suggests that transitions from a housing lot to a different screen, such as the world map or Create a Sim, speed up the aging process, and that the issue is related to other Sim life options .

The devs are currently working on a fix, and they have a temporary fix for affected players in the meantime. As explained on Twitter (opens in a new tab)“We are currently investigating cases involving Sims auto-aging in saves using short or long lifespan. We recommend temporarily playing or creating new saves with the default/’normal’ lifespan, while we are looking for a solution.”

There’s no clear indication yet as to whether you’ll be able to restore accidentally aged Sims, so you might want to back up your save files to be on the safe side for now.

Apart from the aging issue, the July 26 update introduced a number of new features. Most notable of these is a set of options that allow you to set your Sims’ sexual orientations – as the developers note, “LGBTQIA+ identities are a part of life”.

The update also revamps the phone interface, adds a host of new body hair options to blur your Sims, and finally lets you build curved walls. You can get all the details about the planned features on the official website (opens in a new tab).

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