The Sims 4 Body Hair Update Is Finally On The Way

Maxis has added some weird and wonderful updates to The Sims over the years, and if he did not cast spells in To do magiche crossed time with In the futureor play as aliens in Get to Work. The latest update of The Sims 4 added werewolves to the mix, but now we have body hair…

It’s been eight years since The Sims 4 came to console and PC, and while some of us wonder if we’ll ever get The Sims 5, EA and Maxis are keen to continue producing the expansions. In the upcoming one, you can relive your teenage dreams with a high school expansion, which also adds hairs into the mix as a long-awaited feature.

Why is The Sims 4 adding body hair?

Since the franchise was introduced in 2000, The Sims became known for its character customization. We’ve come a long way, and while there are still the usual complaints about the lack of diversity, The Sims 4 has one of the best authoring tools on the market.

Not that we imagine many of you would have noticed, but The Sims 4 is lacking in the body hair department. There are limited beard options for men, which left the game community to use their Custom Content (CC) tools to modify them in the simulator. However, once you notice that there are no more hairs in The Sims 4it’s something you can’t forget.

Maxis has confirmed body hair in a future update by revealing the High school years expansion. Arriving on all platforms on July 28, the trailer cuts through all the usual teenage angst you’d expect. Along with trying to seduce the boy or girl of your dreams, there are bullies to deal with, detention, and the looming anxiety of who you’ll ask to prom. Buried in all of this are snippets of body hair, shaving and tweezing unwanted hair.

Fans React to The Sims 4 Body Hair

On June 2, someone on Twitter asked why there was no hair. The official sims The Twitter account responded by saying, “Our werewolves are covered in fur, but we can assure you things will get furry in the base game sooner than you think.” Developer SimGuruFrost also promised the team was working hard on body hair, but now we know exactly when that will happen.

Normally in The Sims 4, your little ones are just going to college and you have no control over their lives. Now step into Copperdale High for a whole new experience. Fans were thrilled that we got a glimpse of their lives and finally got some hair. One clapped: “We waited 8 years for this moment. But it was worth it!” Another added: “You guys The Sims deliver. I’m so excited for this pack.” The Sims 4 is finally adding fur, and we’re totally in on “fur”!

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