The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

The fourth installment in The Sims franchise arrived in 2014 on PC and since then it has received a host of content updates and expansions that have greatly expanded its possibilities. Even so, the players of this detailed social simulator can’t get enough of it and therefore the game’s modding community has demonstrated their great ability to create a good catalog of mods that we can install on the PC version of the game to grow the even more options available. We leave them detailed below in a list sorted by categories (clothing, furniture, hairstyles, adults and professions), as well as explaining how you can install them safely and effectively. Also, we remind you that here you can find a complete list of all the cheats in the game.

How to Download and Install Mods in The Sims 4

Before you start installing The Sims 4 mods on your PC, you should keep in mind that they will only work correctly if you have the original version of the game, so if you have a pirated one, they will not work. On the other hand, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions of each of the linked mods to avoid making mistakes and when there are updates or new patches in the game, it is advisable to make a copy of Save mods to avoid losing them.

That said, we leave you with the detailed steps in a clear and precise way to start installing mods in The Sims 4 (remember, only in the PC version of the game):

  1. Visit sites like or Tumblr to find various mods and custom content. Below you will find a list where we leave you several links to particular mods.
  2. Download the mods you like the most
  3. Put them in the Mods folder: Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods
  4. Sort the mods into folders according to their theme (or our personal tastes) to be able to more easily detect where the problem lies in case of an error.
  5. Navigate to the file named “Resource.cfg” in the Mods folder, open it using NotesPad, copy the following code, save and exit (to ensure the game can read the subfolders inside the mods folder). We can also download the already edited file from this link:

Priority 500

PackedFile *.package

PackedFile */*.package

PackedFile */*/*.package

PackedFile */*/*/*.package

PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package

PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*.package

PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*/*.package

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The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

Once we have installed some mods, we must follow these steps to activate them in the game:

  1. We open The Sims 4 and access the “Options menu” located in the lower right corner (the three ellipses).
  2. There we select “Game options” and in the “Other” tab we activate the following options: “Enable custom content and mods” and “Script mods allowed“.
  3. We click on the option “Show personalized content” and there we uncheck the box in the lower left corner of the box that says “Show on startup“.

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

Clothing changes

In this list you will find a number of examples of recommended clothing mods to install in The Sims 4 that greatly expand the closet available to our Sims. Although the title’s multiple expansions have brought new clothes, it’s always good to get a few more for free. Here you can find some examples with different looks for your characters.

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

hair mods

Beyond the clothes our Sims wear, a cute hairstyle can totally change our look. Therefore, here is a list of different hair styles so that our characters, whether female, male, alien (or any type of race) can have a choice when it comes to looking in the mirror and choose their hair.

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

Furniture modifications

Beyond the design of our Sims and the way they dress, one of the main pillars of the game are our homes. So here is a complete list of various interesting furniture and objects to decorate our virtual house (or mansion) and make it the envy of all our neighbors in the digital world of Sims:

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

Adult modules

Many Sims players focus on the more “adult” side of the game to enjoy their online sessions. By getting intimate with each other, Sims can have a good time or just make us laugh a little with a silly effect or a mod that offers full nudity. So, below are some varied mods that fall under this Mature tag in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

  • New love interactions such as “intense kiss” or “Cuddle from behind”: download here.
  • Farewell to pixelated censorship: download it here
  • Sims of the same sex can get pregnant through sex (+ pregnancies for men): download here
  • Make your Sims more human and realistic with “Meaningful Stories”: download here
  • “Mortem”, realistic deaths: download here

Career Mods

Finally, what value does a Sim without a career have to earn a living? No matter how many Motherlode we have at our disposal, without professions we would end up getting bored playing. That’s why we’ve expanded the options with which the base game limits tasks so that our Sims can choose from a wider range of tasks.

The Sims 4 best mods for PC and how to download them

Main sources: Simlish4 and ModtheSims

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