The Sims 4: Best Mods for Free Play

UI cheat extension

These days, gamers associate cheats with wall hacks, aimbots, and other programs that give players unfair advantages in online arenas. Once upon a time, cheats were fun extras that were used for laughs. The Sims 4 was released more innocent time and still allows players to give themselves as much money, stats, and real estate as they want (assuming they remember the cheat code).

The UI Cheat Extension Moddeveloped by weerbesu, does exactly what its title suggests: enables cheats using the in-game UI. Not only does this mod remove the need to enter long codes through a hidden command prompt, but it also avoids the risk of misspelling cheaters. The Sims 4 Cheat codes tend to be long and look like coded text, so you’d be surprised how easy it is to mess them up.

The UI Cheats Extension mod is not for everyone (especially players who want to play without cheating and earn achievements). But for everyone, it’s a quick and easy alternative to typing cheats.

Personality Mods

The Sims 4The titular Sims have simulated personalities that make every interaction unique. At least they are supposed to. In practice, Sims’ interactions are generally determined by their goldfish-like attention spans and the random whims of the player. Unless you download personality specific mods, ie.

PolarBearSims mod, Please have some personality!, changes the way Sims interact with each other in the simplest way possible: removing their ability to engage in unnecessary chat. This seemingly mundane exclusion forces every Sim, from player-controlled characters to NPCs, to use their moods and traits in day-to-day interactions. And, PolarBearSims also provides several add-ons for their mod to push the personality simulator aspect of The Sims 4 Even further. Want to work your way up to some romantic interactions? There is an add-on for that.

Another popular (and awesome) personality-focused mod is roBurky’s. Meaningful Stories. Unlike Have Some Personality Please, which focuses on interactions, Meaningful Stories reworks The Sims 4emotions and mood systems. With this mod enabled, events stick with Sims longer, making them happy or depressed for entire days in the game. Likewise, their personality traits help (or hinder) them from achieving their goals. The goal of this mod, as the title suggests, is to transform every part of The Sims 4 in a character-driven drama fueled by each character’s emotions and personalities. In other words, this mod is a must for soap opera fans or anyone who just wants more realistic Sims.

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