The Sims 4 Aliens Stole My Parents Storyline Is Weirdest Yet

The Sims 4’s latest storyline is perhaps the strangest yet, centering on children living alone after their parents are abducted by aliens.

The last The Sims 4 Scenario is one of the weirdest to come out of the Scenarios system since its debut, with a focus on alien abduction. In The Sims 4, starting a storyline is supposed to introduce a unique challenge to the game, but aside from introducing new goals for players, it generally didn’t change the fundamental dynamic of the title. However, the same cannot be said for the game’s latest alien storyline.

Scenarios first appeared The Sims 4 at the end of last year, and since then, many targeted challenges have been released for the game. They have been added to the game with the aim of giving long-time players new ways to change gameplay by providing challenges tracked by the game itself, as opposed to challenges that Simmers have been imposing on themselves for generations. Some The Sims 4 Scenarios focus on interpersonal conflict and goals, while others involve things like making money and advancing your career. So far, only one scenario – Alien Seeker – has focused on game occults like aliens.


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A new The Sims 4 Scenario titled “Aliens stole my parentsis perhaps the weirdest to hit the game to date. As described in the game’s menu, the new challenge requires a household with both a teenage and child-aged Sim alongside their parents – however, the parents won’t stay long. The Scenario puts the teenager in charge of the household.”after their parents and family wallet were abducted by aliens.” Their parents will only be fired if two conditions outlined in a foreign grade are met: the teenager and child improve their grades and the household earns money.

The Sims 4’s Latest Storyline Breaks the Mold

While alien abduction is nothing new to the sims series, this style of kidnapping complete with ransom note certainly is. The use of The sims 4Scenario occults were already incredibly rare, and this latest challenge also introduced a feature for fans that many may not have realized was possible: teenagers living on land without adults. In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3players could never have Sims aged teens and under living alone without cheating, and many no doubt assumed the same was true for The Sims 4 as well. However, a teen Sim taking on the role of Head of Household isn’t just scenario specific – it can be done by any player if they design the household in Create a Sim.

Past scenarios added to The Sims 4 have occasionally featured small amounts of conflict, sometimes putting Sims in a rift or making it harder for them to learn skills. This new scenario pushes the conflicts to the extreme, with extraordinary stakes. Before the release ofAliens stole my parents“Scenario, no challenge created by EA involved kidnapping and ransom notes, or the vast amount of challenges involved in placing the entire fate of a household on the shoulders of a teenage Sim. The Sims 4 players themselves have been playing darker, harder challenges like this for years, this latest storyline takes the concept in a whole new direction.

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