The Sims 4: 8 Best Bundle Traits

Although The Sims 4 The base game was released in 2014, it keeps adding new updates, data discs and additional content, which keeps the game fun. One of the parts of The Sims 4 which receives regular updates, these are the features of the lot. Each bundle can have up to three traits that will impact not only Sims’ quality of life, but also how quickly they learn new skills, relate to others, and do many different things.

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Most of the bundle traits available are positive, but some can make life difficult for Sims. Choosing the best bundle traits depends on the type of game players prefer, but overall some bundle traits simply offer more benefits than others.

8 fast internet

Having a fast internet connection is a win both in real life and in the Sims world! Especially since Sims generally enjoy playing video games and once they have some space they often head to the computer and start playing.

But this lot trait not only helps to level up quickly in video games. It also improves writing and programming much faster. This will be useful in careers that require these activities, and moreover, it will give Sims the opportunity to have fun.


7 good schools

Many players like to create large families – and these often include children. Even the best and most studious Sims can sometimes struggle in school, and that’s when this trait can be a big help.

Children who live a lot with this trait not only tend to get better grades (which makes them and their parents happier), but they also do better at their homework. While not as exciting to watch as some others, from a gameplay standpoint, the Good Schools trait is very useful.

6 Romantic Aura

The Romantic Aura bundle trait helps players who want to focus on a relationship-based game. It also matches well with some popular The Sims 4 challenges, such as the Black Widow challenge, the 100 Baby challenge or the 100 Heartbreaks challenge.

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The Romantic Aura makes Sims more attractive and encourages them to form romantic relationships faster. While it doesn’t have as wide a use as other court traits, it does help a lot when the player is trying to get the clumsy initial phase of the court forward faster.

5 Child’s play

Sims 4 Toddlers

Very similar to the Good Schools bundle trait, Child’s Play serves a similar purpose. Except for the fact that it is not focused on children, but on toddlers. Teaching a toddler or two the required skills can be a challenge, especially if the toddler doesn’t like to obey their parents.

Child’s Play will ensure your little one will learn the necessary skills faster and be ready to grow old and be a kid in no time! This is something that exhausted toddler parents will no doubt appreciate.

4 training ground

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs key art sims with cat and dog in the house

Lots of people love their pets and The Sims are no exception. Still, it can be a lesson in patience to teach a dog, let alone a cat, to do something it doesn’t want to do. When training their furry friends, Sims can use this bundle trait which will make their efforts a little easier.

Dogs will learn new tricks faster, which means Sims will have an easier time training them. This way they will also have the opportunity to spend more time relaxing with their pet, cuddling it or just working on building a bigger family of pets.

3 Place of study

Studying at university is difficult. But unlike in real life, Sims can get an extra edge by using this bundle trait. Just like with Good Schools and Child’s Play, it will give them a boost that will make their studies easier.

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What is even better about this trait is that it does not only affect college students, but also teenagers and children. In this way, its use is almost universal because it also helps all Sims develop their skills a little faster, regardless of their age and whether they study or not.

2 Geothermal

The Sims 4 Pool

It may not seem so bad at first, but anyone who has had to pay bills at least once will know that they can be very expensive. It is the same in The Sims 4. Geothermal energy reduces the price of electricity bills by approximately 28 units of electricity per day, which can lead to considerable savings.

Also, swimming in a pool causes Sims to have a good mood, which is always helpful. Happy Sims not only build relationships faster, but also have an easier time learning new skills.

1 gnomes


The worst thing about gnomes is that they don’t exist in real life. In The Sims 4, gnomes are helpful, albeit inconspicuous, household companions who tend to fix broken objects and household appliances without being seen. It takes place at night, at 3am, and gives the game an air of mystery.

Considering how often something breaks in the house and the cost of fixing broken items, gnomes and their hobby of fixing things will save Sims families a lot of money! Not to mention, it can also protect them from death, because if a Sim tries to fix a broken machine and their skills aren’t high enough, they can get hurt or die.

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