The Sims 4: 6 Essential Mods That Improve Gameplay

The Sims has undergone many modifications throughout its history. Expansion packs and other add-ons have given players the ability to explore new worlds with fun new items, opening up more creative opportunities and gameplay options. However, once you’ve mastered the mechanics of The Sims and learned to manage the needs of your virtual household, you might find yourself looking for something more.

This is where mods come in. Mods are a great way to improve your gameplay, allowing you more freedom to make the game what you want. Whether you want to make the life simulation aspects more realistic or add an extra level of challenge to the game, the wide range of fan-made mods means there’s something for everyone. Here are just six of the best mods to check out The Sims 4.

To note: This article was updated November 1 by Noelle Corbett to add another mod, Custom Gender Settings, which makes it easier to access The Sims 4 gender customization options for existing Sims.

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Meaningful Stories

the Meaningful Stories RoBurky’s mod will change how your Sims’ emotions work and how they react to life events and experiences. It comes with two of RoBurky’s other mods: Emotional Inertia and True Happiness. With the Emotional Inertia mod, your Sims’ emotions will feel a little less simulated and a little more realistic, while True Happiness will make your Sim’s default emotional state more neutral so happiness is only triggered by something really special.

In the base game, Sims often acquire positive or negative moods by simply enjoying a good meal or being around objects with an emotional aura. However, this will go away as quickly as it happened and may even change your Sim’s overall mood. With the Meaningful Stories mod, your Sims will no longer switch between two emotional extremes. Instead, it will be more subtle and the mood will dissipate over time rather than disappearing all of a sudden. The sources of emotional moods will also be randomized and can give stronger or weaker effects.

woohoo risky

Pregnancy was first introduced to the series in The Sims 2and with it came the Woohoo or Try for Baby option, options that are still present in The Sims 4. Try for Baby doesn’t guarantee your Sim will get pregnant, but choosing Woohoo completely opts out of the mechanism.

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With the woohoo risky mod from PolarBearSims, players can modify the chances of a Woohoo leading to pregnancy. The mod allows other factors, such as traits and even the location of the interaction, to increase or decrease the chance of a Woohoo resulting in pregnancy. The mod even allows Sims to be infertile or have pregnancy difficulties, which changes the types of stories you tell with your Sims and makes the game more realistic.

Height slider

Create-a-Sim allows for an amazing level of customization, and you can change almost everything about your Sims’ appearance, from their face to their feet. However, there’s still no way to control the size of your Sims, meaning every pre-made and player-created Sim of the same lifestage is the same size.

the Height slider mod changes that, giving players control over the size of their Sims. This mod does not change the gameplay, only the aesthetics, although the addition may give the whole game that extra bit of realism.

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Eat and drink faster

If you are familiar with The Sims franchise, you’ll know how ridiculous (and infuriating) it can be to take your Sims hours to finish eating or drinking, especially if there’s stuff to do. the Mod to eat and drink faster does exactly what the name suggests and reduces the time it takes for Sims to complete the task of finishing a meal or having a drink.

Sims will still be able to carry on a conversation or watch TV while eating, however, their attention will be more focused on the task of eating and drinking. Not only that, but Sims will also take multiple bites or sips before stopping to perform other tasks, speeding up the process.

SimDa Dating App

In the real world, many relationships today begin online. In the Sims world, however, your Sims will have to try and meet someone on the way out. the SimDa Dating App mod changes that and allows Sims to find love through their phone.

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With SimDa, Sims go on blind dates, search for their perfect match, or enjoy a casual, no-strings-attached date. Sims can also access SimDa on their computers or tablets to flirt and chat with other Sims online. The app also allows players to enable or disable NPC calls. If players leave this feature enabled, their Sim may receive a call from a local for a bonding, and if your Sim agrees, they will go on a date down a rabbit hole for a few hours.

Custom gender settings

Promo art featuring various groups of Sims to advertise the Sims 4 gender customization update in 2016

The Sims The series took a big step forward in terms of genre representation in 2016 when it released a free update that added genre customization options to The Sims 4. This allowed players to customize whether a Sim uses the toilet while sitting or standing and whether they can get pregnant or get others pregnant rather than tying them to their gender or biological sex, as well as removing gender limitations on things like clothing. , hairstyles and voices.

At the time of its launch, the update was praised by organizations like GLAAD, consulted by EA when trying to design the update in a respectful way. These new options provide ways to help transgender Simmers create characters that better represent themselves o. However, most of these settings were tied to Create-a-Sim, making them inaccessible to existing Sims without cheating. ColonolNutty’s Custom gender settings mod simplifies this by adding a new menu for these options that players can open with simple interaction. It also adds an option to change the genders of all Sims in the world at once.

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