The Sims 4: 10 Hidden Easter Eggs For Movies And TV

The Sims 4 is known for its highly detailed world-building and gameplay, offering a variety of characters, playstyles, and DLC to suit all tastes. sims the developers have hidden many surprises in the games, including hidden worlds and objects, known in the gaming community as “Easter Eggs”.

EA developers have shown they are big fans of various forms of pop culture, sneaky references and direct inspiration in small but surprising ways in The Sims 4. With endless MCU references and subtle little details to stranger thingsthere are many easter egg fans you will miss.


AI Recruitment Agency / Infinity War

Sims 4 Acting Career and Doctor Strange in Infinity War

Those who have embarked on an acting career in the Become famous The expansion pack will know that there are several agencies a Sim can join that will help them pursue acting opportunities. If a sim chooses the AI ​​recruitment agency to represent them, the agency can send them a message with another Marvel reference.

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The agency often sends out a message stating “We ran 14 million simulations to see your result of your next acting gig. In all of those where you practiced your scenes before filming, you were a resounding success.” This is a reference to a line made by Doctor Strange in the movie Avengers: infinity war, when Strange calculates their chances of defeating Thanos.

Household Roomies / New Girl

Roomies Household and New Girl Cast

If players frequent the world of Oasis Springs in The Sims 4, they will know the Roomies’ house and see them in town. The household consists of four single young adult sims living together as roommates, as the name suggests.

Their official description calls them “straight out of a TV sitcom” – and for good reason. Eagle-eyed simmers might have noticed that the characters look a lot like the show new girl, whose main characters are also young adult housemates. The only female sim, Zoe Patel, goes by the name of new girl actress Zooey Deschanel.

Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent/Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland as Spider-Man/The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure

In the Jungle Adventure game pack, players are greeted with a tool market table offering ways to cheat death and injury in the world of Selvadorada before exploring the world’s hidden jungle and temples. Survival gear for sale includes an item named “Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent”.

It’s a nod to Spider Man movies and comics, as Peter Parker became the legendary superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Not to mention that Peter Parker is also a gifted scientist and could easily create scientific equipment like a spider bite repellent.

Mother Plant / Stranger Things

Strangerville Mother Plant / Demogorgon from Stranger Things

“Strange” towns infested with aliens The Sims franchise have existed since the days of The Sims 2. In the The Sims 4 game pack strangerville, the sims are on a mission to break into a secret city lab and defeat the deadly alien mother plant.

“Strange” towns have existed in The Sims since 2004, but they incorporated a reference to a show of a similar style. The head of the mother plant is stylistically similar to the Demogorgon, the alien antagonist of stranger things season 1. The underground city laboratory hosting secrets is also similar to the series.

Evil Chickens / Darth Plagueis from Star Wars

Chicken from The Sims 4 Cottage Living/Dark Plagueis Story Scene from Revenge of The Sith

Chickens are one of the hidden deaths of The Sims 4. Introduced in The Sims 4: Living in a cottage expansion pack, the seemingly friendly farm animals can quickly turn on their owner and the sim can be stung to death. It’s especially risky if an “evil” chicken, such as Charles the Chicken, crosses paths with a sim.

The developers slipped a famous star wars story in pack dialogue, known as the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise. Asking an evil chicken for help brings up the message “Have you ever heard the story of Charles the chicken? I thought not. It’s not a story the Golden Chickens would tell you. Charles was a chicken so diabolical and powerful that he could even he wanted to die.” This is a reference to the story Palpatine tells Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith, about a master of the dark side who learned how to prevent death.

Smelly Animals / Friends Phoebe Buffay

Dirty animals in The Sims 4/Phoebe Buffay from Friends

When confronted with a pet that smells bad, human sims will have a negative mood called “smelly pet”. The mood description reads: What did they do to you… It’s not your fault…This is a direct reference to “Smelly Cat”, a song performed by Phoebe Buffay in Friends, who sings “stinky cat, stinky cat, what are they feeding you? stinky cat, stinky cat, it’s not your fault”.

Career Manager Assistant/The Office

Sims 4 Business Career/Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott in The Office US

If a sim takes the business career that comes with the base game and works their way up the corporate ladder, they will reach career level three. This level is called “Assistant to the Director”, a lower level than a position with the same name of “Deputy Director”, which is lower than the Regional Director.

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This is a reference to a common joke in Office, to the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. On the show, Dwight Schrute is promoted to “Assistant To The Manager”, a bogus job because his boss, Regional Manager Michael Scott, cannot promote him to Assistant Manager.

Spirit of Dust/Studio Ghibli

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Dust Spirits/Soot Sprites in My Neighbor Tortoro

In the wooded world of Granite Falls in the outdoor retreat game pack, there are mysterious creatures that roam the woods at night. These little flying specks, known as dust spirits, travel in packs and are dark, with distinct cartoon-like eyes. They are rare and can be collected by sims for a large simoleon reward.

Studio Ghibli fans will notice the similarity of Dust Spirits to Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) – similar minds from the movies Taken away as if by magic and My Neighbor Totoro. Like dust spirits, these creatures are small, flying specks of earth with googly eyes that turn to dust when captured.

“How You Doin'” Flirty Magic Bean? /Joey Tribbiani From Friends

Sims Magic Beans and Joey Tribbianni

The flirtatious mood is essential in The Sims 4 to build sims love relationships. It can be difficult to enter this mood if a sim has other heavy moods, such as sadness, affecting sim interactions. For those who complete the Plant Sim challenge in the game, the beans that the Plant Sim harvests have a pink bean to make the sims alluring.

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Friends fans will notice that the flirty bean is called “how are you?”, which is Joey Tribbiani’s catchphrase on the show. Joey, a charming womanizer, often uses this line as an introduction when he wants to flirt. It makes perfect sense that a bean that functions as an icebreaker to make sims flirt would channel Joey Tribbiani’s spirit through the magic beans.

Futurama Hypnofrog/Hypnotoad Collection

Frogs to collect in The Sims 4/Hypnotoad by Futurama

For Sims who enjoy foraging, frogs will be a frequent find with great rewards. Frogs are found in many sims worlds, and come in various rarities as part of a complete collection. Frogs come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and breeds, which can be bred into new types of frogs or sold in modest to generous amounts of simoleons.

One of the races of frogs of The Sims 4 is named Hypnofrog, a reference to Hypnotoad from the animated comedy series Futurama. Hypnotoad is a multicolored alien frog, similar to his sims counterpart. Hypnotoad’s glowing, captive eyes hypnotize those who look at him, sometimes with deadly consequences.

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