The Sims 4: 10 essential cheats

The Sims 4, the latest installment in the Sims franchise, is a game of choice. About stories. It’s about doing what you want and playing it your way. And one of the most popular ways to play is through cheats. It’s not even considered cheating in the community either. Cheats in The Sims 4 are simply tools for telling your stories and having fun.

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To open the cheat panel, use Ctrl + Shift + C (for PC and MAC) or L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 (for consoles). Typing cheats can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before and aren’t familiar with programming, but it’s easy to figure out. Soon you will have memorized your favorite cheats.


10/10 Some money

The first cheat you’ll probably need when playing The Sims 4 is “kaching”. Typing it into the cheat panel, without quotes, and pressing Enter, Return, A (Xbox) or Circle (Playstation) will instantly give your household 1,000 Simoleons. It’s a great quick way to get that little extra to furnish your first home. Or you hundredth.

If you’re bored typing the same word over and over again, “rosebud”, also without quotes, will have the same effect. You can use either word in Live Mode and Build/Buy Mode, so if your Sims can’t make rent, you don’t need to stress. We have enough money problems in the real world.

9/10 A lot of money

1,000 simoleons at a time is no longer enough. You need more money, you have big plans. You are going to build a mansion for your Sims family. Or you’re just tired of making them work and want to play with other things. For the budding philanthropist and budding supervillain alike, you have nothing to fear.

By typing “mother vein” in the cheat panel without quotes, you will suddenly be 50,000 simoleons richer than before. Now just tap it a few more times and you’ll never have to worry again! In The Sims 4, it’s…

8/10 Exact currency

Oh oh. You’ve exceeded the amount of money you needed to build your sims’ house, and you’re not very proud of having so much money in the bank. In fact, you would like them to go to work to earn their money; maybe you’d have more fun if bills were a problem for them every week in the game. Using “money x” will save you money here.

If you have 100,000 simoleons and would rather have a modest 5,000, just type “money 5000” without the quotes, and you’re set. You can also type “money 0” and take it all away, which is a popular way to start for many hardcore gamers.

7/10 Scooting the bed (and other items)

The Sims 4 runs on a grid system and has some nice fat collision boxes, which can prevent you from getting your builds as detailed as you want them to be. Using “bb.moveobjects on” will allow you to place things wherever you want (with some minor limitations). With this power, you can put a couch in your fridge! Don’t expect it to work either.

“bb.moveobjects on” allows you to achieve more realistic spacing, especially if you’re using quarter-tile placement, which you can turn on by pressing F5 on Mac or PC. Sorry to console players, but there is no equivalent for all of you.

6/10 Secret Building Items

Listen, sometimes you just want a frog in your kitchen. Or a cow to eat your enemies. Sometimes you’ve spent too long fishing and rummaging through rotten logs, and you just want stuff now, damn it! Luckily, you can find these items in item catalogs with a bit of cheating.

Open the cheat panel, type “bb.showhiddenobjects on” without quotes and scroll through the treasures waiting for you. Of course, this will really bloat the menu, so if scrolling gets a bit too tedious after finding your hidden object, “bb.showhiddenobjects off” will bring things back to normal.

5/10 Items Locked in Buy Mode

We all went into build/buy mode, ready to build a home for our new family of sims, and remembered that the best couch in the Sims 4 base game is a career unlock for the programming career. With the “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement” cheat, less computer-savvy sims can also have beautiful living rooms.

This is a longer cheat without Camel Casing, so it can be easy to get lost when typing it. Do not use quotation marks and remember that the word “unlock” is plural. I know I always forget. Once you’ve typed it in, you’ll need to click and return to the menu you just looked at. No idea why, but just trust the process.

4/10 Create Unlimited Sim

Sometimes your Sim gets along with an NPC, you’re really excited about the budding relationship, and presto! You discover that the NPC is evil. Or hate children. Or is an insider. We have all been there. Fortunately, we have “cas.fulleditmode” to save us from disaster. Simply type it into the cheat panel, without quotes, and click Shift (PC and MAC), hold Circle and press X (PlayStation), or hold B and press A (Xbox) and choose “Edit in CAS” .

This cheat allows you to change features and modify facial features and voice, you name it as you can when you create a simulation from scratch. However, if you just want to edit a townsman’s outfit, which you probably will at some point, you can just click shift (or the console equivalent) and select “Edit in CAS” without typing the cheat .

3/10 Locked CAS elements

Want to use those outfits locked behind careers or other gameplay but don’t want to put in the effort? Do not worry! There is a cheat for you, “cas.unlockbytag (pack type)(pack number)” is here to save you the day. If you want these Nifty Knitting clothes, just type “cas.unlockbytag SP17” (without quotes) and save your sims time and effort. If you want exclusive Highschool Years thrift clothing, “cas.unlockbytag EP12” has you covered.

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2/10 cheat skills

For the 10 level skills, which most skills are, you will need the “stats.set_skill_level major_name x” cheat. If your selected sim needs help mastering the cooking skill, for example, you would enter “stats.set_skill_level major_HomestyleCooking 10”. Do not type quotes.

Most skills will be easy to type, “_Guitar 7” or “_Fitness 3”, for example. For level 5 minor skills, the cheat is “stats.set_skill_level skill_name x”. So for aspiring bowling champions and dog trainers, be sure to remember the difference.

1/10 Relationship cheating

Now, this one can be pretty to type in, as you’ll need to specify Friendship or Romance and type in the names of the sims you’re targeting. Say you play as Bella Both and want to make enemies with Nancy Landgraab; you would put in the cheat panel “ModifyRelationship Bella Goth Nancy Landgraab -100 LTR_Friendship_Main”. This -100 will reduce our friendship as low as possible.

If we’re playing as Nancy Landgraab and want her to have a Romance bar with Bella Goth (outrageous!), we’d type “ModifyRelationship Nancy Landgraab Bella Goth 100 LTR_Romance_Main”, again, no quotes, and that 100 will fill up the Romance bar all the way. And, if you also have this negative friendship, you will have the relationship labeled as “Enemies with Benefits”. Spicy!

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