The Sims 4 1.52 New Patch Notes – February 15, 2022

Here are the patch notes for the new The Sims 4 update 1.52.

The last major content update released for The Sims 4 was the Carnival Streetwear kit, followed by the announcement of My Wedding Stories a few days ago. There have been many controversies surrounding the release of the patch due to the pack’s ban in Russia.

We have a new The Sims 4 update, today, Patch 1.52, released February 15, 2022, which is now available to download on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. To download 1.52 on PC, players need to open Origin, which should get the update automatically. If not, you will need to right click on the game and update manually.

If you are on console, The Sims 4 update 1.52 should download automatically either when you turn on your console, or it will already be downloaded if you select the option where all new patch releases will be downloaded automatically if you exit the console. PS4 or Xbox One in rest mode.

Today’s update allows players to create a new relationship option in Create a Sim. You can allow your Sim to start engaged if they set their relationship with Fiancé as an example. This feature has been added to allow players to fully utilize the upcoming My Wedding Stories game pack in two days.

There are also a number of Create A Sim item updates for all players, as well as bug fixes for many game packs including Cottage Living, Eco Lifestyle, and more. Here are the full official patch notes for The Sims 4 Patch 1.52 Update for February 15, 2022.

What’s new in The Sims 4 1.52 Update February 15, 2022

Updated Version: PC, Mac, Console: 1.52

  • 5 dresses for women

    • yfBody_DressWeddingMermaid
    • yfBody_DressWeddingTiered
    • yfBody_DressFrillyRomantic
    • yfBody_DressFlutter
    • yfBody_Dress Bridesmaid
  • 2 Suit jackets for men
    • ymTop_Coat
    • ymTop_CoatDoubleBreasted
  • 1 Children’s Dress
    • cfBody_FP01Robe (Free Holiday Pack)

Additionally, in Build Buy, you’ll see that the two wedding arches from the base game and the pergola are now available in a few more colors.

Bug fixes

The Sims 4

  • Male celebrity Sims will no longer use the female walk or jog style unless that is what you prefer them to do.
  • Clicking on a Sim’s face in Create a Sim will now take you to general Face, Hair, or Accessories selection mode instead of taking you directly to detailed edit mode. Sims also deserve some personal space.
  • Improved performance when switching from Live mode to Build mode in some cases.
  • Fences should no longer disappear when hovering over a door after using the bb.moveobjects cheat.
  • Playing with genetics in Create a Sim will no longer spawn teenagers with crow’s feet skin details. There are so many things teens worry about – crow’s feet shouldn’t be one of them.
  • Error 142: 9a63747c should no longer appear in future saves when loading certain bundles.
  • Sim can now move or travel to lots after returning from a gig without getting stuck in the Manage World screen.
  • Selection of yfHair_SP19CurlyUndercut_Red your Sim’s hairstyle in Create a Sim will no longer apply hair color to the Sim’s eyelashes.
  • Children should now have the same eye color as their parents if both parents have purple or red eyes.
  • Some players have reported an error saying “Missing right” when trying to move or delete lots walls placed in the gallery. This error should no longer occur.
  • Obese Sims’ upper body should no longer shrink when zoomed out while wearing specific outfits (ymTop_EF15ShirtCollared & yfBody_SP16Pajamas).
  • Disabling the console legend option in the game options menu will now correctly hide the time control controller tips and Sim selectors.
  • Long fingernails no longer clip through the gloves of certain outfits.
  • Fixed some issues that could cause an endless loading screen when trying to load certain bundles or savegames.
  • The Create A Sim interface was a bit slow when loading thumbnails and color swatches in the hair section. We’ve made some tweaks, and images should load much faster now.
  • There was an awesome toddler sticker displayed in the Toddler Accessories section. This thumbnail was useless and has been removed. Enough funk for you, sneaky toddler.
  • Heeled shoes no longer appear glitchy when worn ymBottom_EF28JeansSkinTight Pants.

Living in a cottage

  • Grim Reaper now possesses the emotional strength to deal with the death of two animals at the same time. Life can be tough mate, I know.
    Trousers ymBottom_EP11PantsCorduroy_SolidGinger should now appear correctly when selecting the male filter. We’ve also updated the fit of female mounts.
  • the yfHair_EP11BunTwists_broen Hairstyle should no longer create white lines on your Sim’s face when selecting this hairstyle in Create A Sim.
  • Children’s shorts pfBottom_EP11ShortsDrawstring no longer show a gap between the upper and lower body.
  • Wisteria and ivy plants placed against a wall inside a room looked darker in some places than they should have been. We’ve shed some light on these plants and they should appear much better now.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

  • Evergreen Harbor lots should now have proper soil under them when accessed through build mode and the world should no longer appear to be underwater.

Discover the university

  • the yfTop_EP08CardiganButtonup top now works correctly with boots.

dream home decorator

  • Dress yfBody_GP10DressSuspender_SquareNavy no longer causes discoloration on some shoes.
  • GP10SkinnyJeansFlannel pants look fabulous combined with boots now.
  • the ymBottom_GP10WorkPants should now scale correctly on male Sims.
  • The Mid-Century Style Filter will now include items from all packs, not just Dream Home Decorator.
  • Switching from Build and Buy Mode to Live Mode and back to Build and Buy Mode while working on an Interior Designer Gig, caused the amount of Simoleons already spent not to be deducted from the client’s budget. This has been fixed now and the client’s budget should still take into account already spent simoleons.

Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

  • We fixed an issue that caused Batuu Credits to incorrectly display as Simoleons in Household Funds.


  • You can now harvest weird fruits from weird plants. ΜØŦĦ€Ř… ĆΔŁŁŞ ŦØ Μ€…

spa day

  • Sims with the Personal Healing Specialist aspiration can now sell harvestable items without issue.

Dine out

  • There was some difference between the Perk Points listed for the Sim Business Owner in the “Owned Business” menu vs. “Restaurant Perks”. The “Owned Company” menu will display the correct number of Perk Points remaining in the future.

small life

  • Toddlers should no longer get baldness on their heads when wearing Tiny Living hairstyles. Hair clippers should be stored out of the reach of children.

Flower room kit

  • Some plants in the Blooming Rooms kit have been updated to no longer cast a bad shadow.

Fashion street kit

  • Trousers ymBottom_SP24ShortsTied & ymBottom_SP24PantsLayered Also no longer cause clipping when paired with boots.

Courtyard Oasis Kit

  • The Star of Paradise fountain can now be found in the Build & Buy catalog when applying the Kits filter.

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