The Sims 3 imaginary friend is terrifying

Imaginary Friends are a great addition to The Sims 3, giving kids a lifelong friend they can share secrets with. Until they come back to life.

Although there are many other things sims games players would like to participate in The Sims 4, The Sims 3The imaginary friend of is not one of them. This seemingly innocent friend was a great idea on paper: a secret buddy for toddlers, kids, and even teens to play with and share secrets only they could see. However, in-game this can play out a bit differently. Imaginary friends still play with their assigned Sim and can converse with them, but sometimes they get a little too close and start to adopt their traits, likes and dislikes – they almost become them.

Imaginary friends have been added in The Sims 3: Generations expansion. He is widely regarded as one of the best The Sims 3, adding a plethora of family stuff to do like sleepovers, elder canes, school events, teen mischief, dating, midlife crises, and more. When it comes to including imaginary friends, there’s a lot these NPCs can do with their partners, both good and bad.

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Sims first receive their imaginary friend as a baby when they are born or when they become toddlers. Players receive a notification about a long-lost relative who sends a special doll to the child. Toddlers and children can play with the doll as a toy, but if players take it out of their inventory, it will come to life. Only the Sim it belongs to can see them, talk to them, and play games with them. They also age alongside the Sim becoming teenagers and even adults. Once they reach adulthood, they have the opportunity to become a real Sim, with traits, likes, dislikes, wants and wishes and other Sims will finally believe the NPC is real.

This friend is not always so innocent, however. They tend to like the same things as the Sims they’re assigned to, to the point where things get weird. They will begin to adopt the same personality as their Sim and become possessive, hating everyone they interact with. This behavior continues with age and can encourage teens to misbehave. They come to resent their Sims’ adult lives, relationships, and jobs. It starts to unfold like a horror movie, as the imaginary friend gets too close and slowly becomes more and more like his host.

The fact that they can turn real makes things even stranger, stalking their host and exacting revenge on their friends and family. This opens up great story possibilities that are out of the ordinary. The friend can take control of a Sim’s life, stalk or murder with the Wicked Whims mod. Things could also go in the opposite direction where this obsessive Sim is embraced. The imaginary friend has a lot of potential for sims shenanigans and is one of the strangest states of life in The Sims 3.

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