The Sims 3 Disney World Community Building Showcases Life-Simulation Magic

An ongoing The Sims 3 Disney World community building project celebrates Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary by bringing together the creators and builders of The Sims to create the ultimate playable Disney World in the classic game of life. The project originally launched in October 2021 alongside the start of Disney’s birthday celebrations, which are expected to continue through 2023. Fans of the building set have come together over the past year to recreate various landmarks iconic Florida resort towns without resorting to the use of custom content.

The Sims 3 community collaboration Disney Magic Kingdom is a huge project comprising several maps, each with its own set of lots designed to represent various areas of the Disney World resort in Florida. Zones include Wild West-themed Frontierland, medieval Fantasyland, and futuristic Tomorrowland, to name a few – but if it’s represented at Disney World, you can probably find it here. The collaboration comes from a number of prominent members of the Sims community, including Sparky1922, Soocoolsim, Hidehi, Sandraelle, and Romagi1.

Some of the latest additions in the last month of creation include a recreation of Mickey’s PhilharMagic arena, a “cinematic 4D attraction” that hosts regular concert experiences; a Reno-themed spin on the Chamber of Commerce, a building on Main Street where Disney fans can pick up packages that have been shipped to the front of the park; and “Peter Pan’s Vault of Antiquity”, a rather stunning building based on German Pinocchio Village Haus architecture. Of course, you can find many more of Disney World’s most famous attractions built in the last year on the lots.

While The Sims 3’s powerful custom content tools would make this project easier, the creators decided they wanted to avoid the use of any third-party custom content. Builders can, however, use all expansion packs, item packs, and store items as long as they are still available. Sign-ups to claim prizes take place every two weeks, around the 1st and 15th of each month, so if this project sounds interesting and you’d like to take part – or just visit it for yourself – then be sure to check it out on The Sims Forums!

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Image Credit: Soocoolsim – Peter Pan’s Antiquity Vault.

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