The Sims 2 player is chased by a newborn

Cheating in The Sims has serious consequences, including angry babies following you around the neighborhood.

The Sims has been a staple of the gaming world since the original title and subsequent expansion packs were introduced over 20 years ago. Even though the fourth game in the series is now the latest, some people prefer to play the older ones. Sometimes extra features and a more polished product just don’t work for some people. They prefer a game where a newborn baby can show up at your house unannounced and despise you for cheating on his father.

No, this is not a random example of some of the weird things that happened on old Sims games. This is actually something that happened to a Sims 2 player very recently, and while sharing their experience on Reddit, they discovered that it was not an isolated incident. “My sim’s newborn is furious with his mom (who no longer lives in the same house) and keeps showing up in his new home,” the post reads.


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Subrosashredder gives a little more context to the situation in the comments. The blue-haired woman pictured in the post cheated on her partner and when she scolded her and her eldest child were kicked out of the house. This is all very dramatic, but to make matters worse, the poor little newborn was there for it all and now lives in a house without his mother. You might assume that’s why he keeps randomly appearing on the sidewalk outside his new house, but no.

According to subrosashredder, the reason the baby keeps showing up outside his mother’s new house is because he’s angry that she cheated on him. The Redditor moves the items to delete the baby, thus sending it back to its own home, only for the newborn to return. Mom will find the baby, pick it up, bring it in and feed it, while the little one is apparently mature enough to be mad at mom for what she did.

As alluded to above, the OP sharing this story revealed that it wasn’t some weird bug or something that only happened to them. One of the answers reveals that something similar happened following a love triangle between Sims mainstays Don, Dina, and Mortimer, and seeing it play out for someone else finally explained why. it happened to them. Another revealed that after a falling out with the Unsavory Charlatan character, he would continue to stop and hide outside their house, even becoming brave enough to walk in and play video games once. It seems newborns have the power to crawl between houses in The Sims 2, but coming to play games uninvited might be a step too far.

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