The Sims: 10 funniest glitches in the series

The preparation for The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories was interesting, to say the least. Beyond the issues surrounding the release of the game pack, the early access gameplay showed a product absolutely full of issues and bugs. Hope for improvement held until the day one update, but now it looks like this pack will become yet another part of a long legacy of issues in The Sims franchise.

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Although some bugs sometimes render games unplayable, they are usually a source of endless amusement for fans of The Sims. The funniest glitches are the ones that cause the most torture and mayhem for Sims, without totally breaking the game.


The Sims 4: Maybe the floor is lava?

A Sim stuck in a table in The Sims 4

Anyone who has played The Sims 4 probably ran into this issue where Sims get stuck standing on nearby tables, beds, and other furniture. According to some reports from EAthe team has done a lot of work to stop this bug, which they believe is caused when Sims stand too close together in a crowd.

While routing issues like this can be frustrating, the easy reset sees a randomly stuck Sim crying for help on a table that’s still good for a laugh.

The Sims: Abominations

A man carrying a deformed baby in The Sims

There are countless genres of horror, but body horror is perhaps the most unsettling. Concrete case : The SimThe horribly deformed character models of , frequently shared on the forums.

As far as fun glitches go, this one has the advantage of being quirky while still being relatively functional. This issue can actually be seen in most The Sims games, often as Sims get older, from toddlers to kids, or kids to teens. Although technically not a bug, Baby Mutation can be manually triggered using Sims cheats that allow players to turn adult Sims into toddlers, in the midst of animated action. .

The Sims 4: Dust All Day

The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Reveal Kit

While many players might want more realistic settings and movements, Sims looking for more realism want their Sims to do the most mundane daily tasks. According to The Sims community, in The Sims 4: Dust Buster Kit, EA gave players what they wanted and then kept on giving. Before a patch was released, Sims could spend all day vacuuming dust and never have a fully clean house.

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What takes this problem from aggravating to hilarious is the fact that Sims can actually become millionaires by selling items found in dust!

The Sims 3: Naked and Afraid

The Sims 4 cost EVERYTHING

With working cars, ultra-customizable Build/Buy mode, and an open world, there’s a lot to love The Sims 3. Unfortunately, all of this content makes the game notoriously buggy and prone to crashing. One of the first issues reported by players was Sims stretching out excessively or, more often, the Sim appearing naked.

This type of error usually only occurs when custom content is uploaded and then deleted, but it would have happened to Simmers without custom content as well. While a game crash is never fun, anything that does The Sims the characters look hilariously unbalanced is a great addition to the gameplay.

The Sims 4: Problem with teeth

A toothless sim being customized

This bug can be hilarious, but don’t think too long about it. In The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim, black-haired Sims sometimes seem to have no teeth. Like many expressions made by Sims, those toothless, gaping smiles are a great source of laughter, but their cause is a bit unsettling.

According to Comic Resources, this problem actually applies to all hair colors, but with lighter hair colors the gross truth is obvious: they have hair for teeth, or teeth for hair color, to be exact . At this point, this silly glitch goes from funny to horribly groundbreaking.

The Sims: Puddle of Trivia

Sims in a market store in The Sims Unleashed

According to the glitch guides, after the Unleashed the extension was released for The Sims, Simmers quickly blocked Maxis’ complaint line with reports of a bug causing puddles to form under stationary objects. In order for Sims to clear puddles, Sims must actually enter Build/Buy Mode to move objects out of their way.

This may seem like a problem with the game, but this effect was actually included in an effort to make the Unleashed more realistic floods. As a non-game breaker, the irony of this so-called bug easily makes it one of the funniest in the series.

The Sims 2: Reverse the Powers of Jesus

A sim swimming on the ground in The Sims 2

The usefulness of being able to walk on water can be quite simple, but Sims’ ability to swim in the ground in The Sims 2 is a little less useful. This is another issue that can also be seen in other entries in the series, although it is generally short-lived in other entries in the series.

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According to player reports, the swimming bug in The Sims 2 occurs when the Sim tries to get out of the pool. Simmers could laugh as their Sims waded through the ground until they decided to free them from torture with an item reset.

The Sims: Upside Down Head Syndrome

An upside down icon in The Sims

A classic glitch remembered by many long-time gamers and hardcore fans of The Sims is the upside-down head problem from the first game. This bug, caused by character file corruption, resulted in a Sim’s icon being replaced with a strange, upside-down female head. It can also make the Sim’s head completely invisible.

Many old forum posts and guides describe Simmers happily playing their games when suddenly this scary face appeared, sometimes accompanied by a scary noise! The nostalgia that accompanies this unexpected and relatively fixable encounter only makes it funnier over time.

The Sims 4: Till Death Do Us Part

Sims 4 Wedding Stories title with proposal.

It may be unfair to go after such a new pack, but My Marriage Stories is just too full of ridiculous glitches not to earn a spot on this list. Although players have reported many game-breaking issues in the pack, some simple issues are still entertaining.

When it comes to ridiculously broken animations in The Sims 4, the marital kiss must take the cake, intended wedding pun. Spouses in The Sims 4 won’t always turn into some kind of wise marriage metaphor when they kiss, but it’s still a fun time when they do.

The Sims 2: Fool Me, Shame on You

Some Sims problems can be as mysterious as they are hilarious, especially in previous games. For some reason, Simmers are reporting that removing a bed while Sims are using it for intimate moments can lead one to accuse the other of cheating. The Sims 2.

Deleting in-use items is one of the many little ways Sims can relish wreaking havoc in their Sims’ lives, which really makes this issue more fun than a bug. Although it doesn’t happen every time, it’s worth a try for fans of chaotic gameplay!

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