The Latest Sims 4 Update Accidentally Introduced Incest

The Sims 4 just got a huge new update that adds features that fans have been asking for for years. Unfortunately, in addition to body hair, curved walls, and customizable sexual orientations, some Sims are also showing a newfound interest in their family members. It’s true; EA accidentally added incest to The Sims 4…again.

The Sims 4 latest update adds incestuous desires to the game

While there are mods that add incest to The Sims 4, WooHooing with your family is generally a big no-no in the base game. Luckily, the bug that makes Sims want to connect with family members doesn’t mean they actually can.

The problem stems from the Wants and Fears system added by EA in the July patch. This update replaced Whims with a feature similar to that found in The Sims 2. Each Sim has a number of goals they want to achieve and things they want to avoid. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the implementation and the game generated desires without regard to family relationship, marital status or sexual orientation.

So, after installing the update, you might find that your Sim wants to date his sibling or relative. Strangely, this even happens to Sims who are happily married.

This isn’t the first time a bug has caused families to fall in love with each other. According to some players, a glitch has existed in the game for years that allows family members to acquire romantic feelings and bars with each other. To make matters more awkward (and potentially illegal), this can happen to Sims at the toddler and child stage.

Thankfully, EA is aware of the incestuous desires issue in The Sims 4 and is working on a fix.

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