The best Sims 4 mods to prepare you for the high school years expansion

The most recent The Sims 4 expansion pack, High school yearsshould be released at the end of July 2022, but there are some sims mods players can download now to prepare for it. The DLC will overhaul how Teen Sims works and also add high school as a fully playable experience rather than a rabbit hole like it has been for all the others. sims Game. Although The Sims 4The gameplay of should be significantly refreshed with the addition of another major pack, there are still quite a few areas where it could miss. Fortunately, The Sims 4 has an extensive collection of mods to help with this problem. Here are a few that should work well in tandem with the High school years DLCs.


High school years was officially announced at the end of June, shortly after EA teased a new The Sims 4 expansion pack. Rumors of a DLC centered on teenage Sims had been circulating for about a month prior. The first trailer for the pack, though it doesn’t show off absolutely everything that’s coming High school years, showed off an impressive amount of upcoming gameplay additions, including a new world and a clothing creation feature. After-school outings, after-school clubs, prom, and graduation should make every part of a teenager’s lifecycle — not just their school days — more interesting for gamers.

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The latest DLC is The Sims 4is the twelfth major expansion for since its release in 2014. While there are a wide variety of other packs and kits available for The Sims 4, ranging from item packs to game packs, its expansions bring the biggest changes to the game, usually adding new features or revamping existing ones. Each also comes with an additional world for players to build and explore. These DLCs contributed significantly to building The Sims 4 of its condition at launch, which has long been criticized sims gamers for its lack of features, especially compared to The Sims 3. Although there are still great aspects that The Sims 4 has not yet brought back, such as a color wheel and an open world, a lot of The Sims 4the biggest problems of have otherwise been solved through a mixture of add-ons and mods of the sims fan community.

Mods to get more Best Friends in The Sims 4

Although LittleMsSam’s More Best Friends mod only changes one relatively small thing about The Sims 4, it does a lot to make the game’s relationships more realistic. In the The Sims 4 base game, Sims can only have one best friend. With the addition of this mod, Sims can now have more than one, more accurately reflecting how a real person might view their friendships. This also reduces the best friend status cooldown in The Sims 4, allowing Sims to progress faster in their friendships. This is a useful mod to have in advance High school years‘, given how important friendships are to teenage Sims.

The Sims 4 families are getting better with better babies and toddlers

Although The Sims 4it is High school years the expansion pack focuses almost entirely on revamping teenage Sims, that’s no reason not to improve the other sims Life stages. Parents in The Sims 4 can often feel surprisingly disconnected from their children, and this Caradriel mod aims to address that issue by making the experience of raising young Sims more realistic. It adds custom moods, actions, and conversation options for Sims who are raising babies. Since babies of The Sims 4 have very few interactions in the base game, even the smallest improvements make the Better Babies & Toddlers mod interesting. The toddlers in The Sims 4 also receive a significant upgrade using this mod, adding new chances for parents and toddlers to improve their skills and change their mood.

Pre-Teen Mod adds a new life stage to The Sims 4

To help better prepare for the changes ahead for high school teens in The Sims 4players can add a whole new life stage with the addition of The Sims 4‘s Pre-Teen mod by ItsKatato. Sims can now grow from a child to a tween rather than a teenager, a process that comes with unique gameplay challenges and features. Sims can start attending middle school, which operates similarly to elementary school in The Sims 4. Unfortunately, it’s not as interactive as the renovated high schools of The Sims 4it is High school years goal pack to be. The Pre-Teen mod also comes with a simple hygiene system, and Sims will need to apply things like deodorant and body spray to slow down their hygiene breakdown and gain confidence.

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The Pre-Teen mod creator has released one add-on so far, with plans to create more, which is no surprise considering it’s one of the The Sims 4the biggest mods. The First Crush Pack allows pre-teen Sims to have crushes on other Sims their own age, follow or even stalk them on social media, and go on chaperoned dates. Tweens can also form semi-serious relationships by falling in love with another Sim, exchanging numbers, and writing about them in their journals. The First Crush add-on makes the preteen life stage feel like a well-developed part of The Sims 4and it’s a great way to help players become more interactive with their Sims before the end High school years live.

Meaningful Stories Sims 4 Mod makes Sims come alive

The High school years The expansion pack makes teenage Sims feel more fleshed out, but there are mods that take everything a step further. sims the characters feel almost human. roBurky’s Meaningful Stories mod completely revamps the moods and emotions in The Sims 4, adding more weight and meaning to the big events in their lives. Emotions will more easily conduct to each other, like uncomfortable Sims who end up embarrassed or uptight depending on the context of what’s affecting them. Environmental effects are also more subtle, and happiness is no longer the default emotion for The Sims 4 characters. Instead, they will only become truly happy when faced with significant life events, such as a job promotion or having a baby.

How to Bring Back Cars in The Sims 4

The Best Sims 4 Mods to Prepare You for the High School Driving Cars Expansion

Getting a driver’s license and owning a car for the first time is an important part of many teens’ lives, and The Sims 4 should be no exception. Cars, such as those included in The Sims 3are one of the many missing features in The Sims 4. Dark Gaia’s Ownable Cars mod fixes this, adding five drivable cars to the game for players to purchase. Using them will allow Sims to access the map and travel to their destination in style. They even gain a positive mood while traveling by car. Although the High school years expansion takes big steps to make The Sims 4 more engaging, there’s still more that could be added or fixed, and modders have stepped up to fill that gap.

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