The best custom content mods for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 comes with a huge range of content and features, especially once you start digging into the expansion packs and item packs you can purchase. However, even with all the options available, not everything has been covered by official EA content. Luckily, that’s where the modding community comes in. If something you’re looking for isn’t in one of the official item packs, here are some of the best custom content mods for The Sims 4.

Sims 4 custom content mods – our top 10 picks

The Sims 4 community is very active and passionate about helping players get the content they’re looking for. Once you understand how to install mods into the game, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your Sims to express themselves. Just be aware that whenever the game is patched or you install the latest expansion pack, it may cause your custom content to be activated. Go back to the website you downloaded the mod from to find out if they are working on an update to get it working again.

The contemporary life objects pack

Image via Illogical Sims

This content pack for The Sims 4 gives your Sims a stylish and easy way to decorate their home. Everything is very fluid and well designed. Whether you want to create a simple open-plan studio or just the perfect presentation of modern living, the 25 new objects and walls included in the Contemporary Living Stuff Pack have something you’ll love.

The Futura Living Item Pack

Image via Peacemaker

This content pack is so retro that it feels like it’s reverted to modernity. The Futura Living Stuff Pack decor, fixtures and furniture are a great representation of 60s and 70s style. world thought the future would be 50 years ago. This pack is very different from anything available in the base game and is designed with such attention to detail that it looks like it could have come from Maxis own designers.

The kit of kitchen objects

Image via Hi Harrie

With a title that derives from a typo made in the Twitch chat in 2018, this content pack for The Sims 4 includes a huge collection of 56 kitchen items to help you create the room of your dreams. It’s the result of a collaboration between two well-known content creators in the Sims 4 community and their combined creativity and sophistication make it one of the most impressive kitchen sets you can get in the game. The Kichen objects is probably the most impressive kitchen set in the game, including official Maxis content.

The kit of objects for the minimalist bedroom

Image via Illogical Sims

This custom content pack is a bit smaller than the other packs on this list, but everything is so polished and well-designed that it can fit right in with the official content without anyone noticing a difference. The minimalist bedroom stuff pack also includes things like desks and floors so you can use plenty of furniture here throughout your home. Everything is simple but very effective.

The Roarsome Kids Stuff Pack for the Bedroom

Image via Peacemaker

It’s one for the kids. What child doesn’t love being around animals? The Roarsome Kids Bedroom Pack gives you the chance to decorate your kid Sim’s bedroom with all kinds of furry friends. There are dogs and cats on the walls, an adorable koala-shaped bed and a giraffe bookcase that looks amazing. All kids will love the furniture and decor on offer here.

The Rustic Romance Stuff Pack

Image via Plumbob tea company

If you want to create a dreamy atmosphere for your loving pair of Sims, this custom content pack includes 70 different items. It’s usually themed around an outdoor wedding, but the decorations and furnishings can be used for any romantic occasion your Sims encounter. From lace candle decorations flowing from trees to a beautifully rustic lavender arrangement, the Rustic Romance Item Pack is one of the most romantic packs available for The Sims 4.

The Serenity Bathroom Stuff Kit

Image via Peacemaker

Never neglect your Sims’ bathroom needs. This custom content pack is packed with ideas for making the bathroom the ultimate talking point in your home. Everything is very elegant and modern in this pack, with an incredible walk-in shower, a double sink and plenty of storage. The Serenity Bathroom Stuff Pack makes us jealous of our Sims and how they get ready in style. Whatever your Sim’s personality, they’ll love starting their day here.

The Stellar Item Pack

Image via Plumbob Tea Society

This custom content pack for The Sims 4 is the very definition of “out of this world.” This item pack contains a mix of clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry for your Sims and the ability to decorate your home with the most futuristic decorations imaginable. You can create an entire spaceship house or recreate a lunar laboratory to help you live out your astronaut fantasies. The Stellar Stuff Pack contains over 120 items, so it takes some time to install, but it’s worth it.

The Teen Style Stuff Pack

Image via

If you’re tired of seeing your teenage Sims look like slightly smaller versions of their parents, this is the content pack for you. The contents of the Teen Style Stuff Pack give you three sets of clothes that you can mix and match as you wish. The three sets are The Punk Kid, The It Girl, and The Athlete, but you can swap out different hairstyles and clothing colors to create the perfect look for your particular teenage Sim.

University of Windenburg

Image via redhotchilisimblr

The University of Windenburg is an entire campus in an easy-to-install custom content pack. Not only does it feature a huge campus building, including the canteen, dorms, lecture halls, and dean’s office you’d expect, but it also comes with varsity jackets and poses to help outfit your Sim in their best college style. The only downside is that the University of Windenburg building isn’t technically a house, so you can’t put your teenage Sims there, but there are plenty of ways around this if you get creative.

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