The 10 Best Sims Cheats, Ranked

Use cheats in The Sims makes the game much more fun, banishing money issues and boring gameplay settings for as long as players want. It might just be for their own fun, or maybe they need to use cheats for a specific Sims challenge they’re tackling.

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To open the cheat panel in The Sims 4, just press Ctrl + Shift + C and then type the code. Some cheats require Simmers to shift-click what they’re looking to change with your cheat. With these, budding cheats need only type in “testingCheats [true/false]” in the cheat panel.

ten Move Objects for Architects

the sims 4 has the most accessible build mode yet

Players must type “bb.moveobjects” into the cheat panel to unleash their decorator and interior designer. This cheat allows builders to override the usual placement rules in build mode. This means that players can even overlap and combine items if they wish. This cheat makes finished Sims homes look a little more natural and can help add realism throughout gameplay. For example, windows and gardens can be a pain to use properly following the placement rules.

9 Edit in Create a Sim (CAS)

the sims 4 has the most flexible sim interface design yet

If players want to change a Sim’s appearance during gameplay, they must use the Modify in CAS cheat. This is a shift + click cheat, so Sims will need to select the Sim they want to change. This one is ideal if the children of two Sims grow up looking rather unusual or just not to the player’s taste.

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Sims should keep in mind, however, that they can change any appearance of a Sim, but they will not be able to change Sims’ names or traits.

8 Add or remove family as players wish

The Sims 4

Sometimes it’s easier for players to just add a Sim to their household, especially if they’re pursuing a romantic relationship. Rather than waiting for the speech bubble option to ask them to move in to finally appear, they can simply Shift + click on the Sim they want to add to the family. This is another shift+click cheat, so don’t forget to set “testingCheats [true]to make this work. It also works both ways, so if Sims can’t stand a certain Sim being in their Household anymore, they can just Shift+Click on it.

7 Complete all products to meet the needs

the sims 4 all green needs bars

Looking after Sims’ needs can be very demanding, especially if players have a full household and are trying to complete an Aspiration or Challenge. To completely fill the needs bar for all Sims in a household, type “sims.fill_all_commodities” in the cheat console. For all Sims, there really is no better feeling than seeing green bars all over the board, as opposed to rows of desperately miserable red Sims who need constant care around the clock.

6 Max all skills (but definitely maneuverability)

the sims 4 increase skills

This cheat is especially useful if players are dealing with busy Sims who just don’t have time to max out a certain skill. Getting a high maneuverability skill is especially important to avoid an unfortunate Electrocution and saves Sims on Simoleans instead of having someone fix a broken toilet.

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Just type “stats.set_skill_level Major_ [the skill players are looking to max out]” in the cheat console to get the desired result.

5 Enable Free Build to Remove Restrictions

the sims 3 lets players explore an open world without loading screens

This sims cheating allows players to modify lots that they would not usually be able to rely on. Type “bb.enablefreebuild” in the cheat panel and hit enter. From there, anything can be added to the bundle, as long as the builders meet the remaining requirements and restrictions. If a Simmer has the Set to work and Discover the university expansion packs, this cheat is also valid for all quarry and dorm buildings. Players can let their creativity run wild by changing a Sim’s workplace to suit their needs or their student’s dorm to suit their style.

4 Free real estate?

gallery housing the sims 4

When buying a house, if Simmers type “freerealestate on” in the cheat panel, all available lots will be available for purchase for absolutely nothing, not a single Simoleon. This is especially interesting if Simmers are looking to buy some of the more expensive land on the map, like Colonial-style Oakenstead in Willow Creek. Alternatively, players can import their favorite fan-built mansions from the online gallery and place them in their world, and own them for free (aside from hefty utility bills).

3 Change the relationship to play Cupid

Two sims cuddle before waking up

This nifty cheat might take a little time to type, but it’s worth it. To modify the relationship of two Sims to each other, players must type: “modifyrelationship [simfirstname lastname targetsimfirstname lastname 100]and “LTR_Friendship_Main” or “LTR_Romance_Main”, depending on what they hope to accomplish.

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Both Sims will become best friends or soul mates if they also have a high friendship level. Alternatively, if players want to spice things up, they can change the 100 to -100 to drain their romance bar to the dreaded red.

2 Death rocks to play God

Ghost Sims in a haunted house

By typing “death.toggle” in the cheat panel, players are given the power to play God in their Sims game. By adding “false” to the end, death is disabled and no Sim can die. Simmers should remember, however, that they will need to apply this trick every time they play to successfully dodge death. Ultimately, if players want to go back to killing Sims for no reason, whether it’s not-so-accidental drowning or long starvation in a room with no door, they can just add “true” to the end of the cheat.

1 motherlode to get this doll

sim rich

The “mother lode” cheat is truly a savior in any The Sims playthrough. It does exactly what it says on the box and rewards Simmers with 50,000 Simoleons. Players can smash Enter as many times as they want, watching their household funds soar. With that money, endless possibilities open up: build a dream home, buy the seemingly unobtainable, and let those money worries become a thing of the past.

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