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Sophisticated interior design and video games might seem like disparate worlds, but there’s one place where the two overlap: The Sims. The game, which allows users to build and decorate homes – becoming interior designers as part of its gameplay – attracts a large contingent of design enthusiasts eager to create carefully crafted virtual worlds for their characters.

The Sims, developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, debuted in 2000 as a spin-off of the popular city-building PC game SimCity. There, users have built a virtual metropolis. The Sims offered a more intimate approach, with users guiding an imaginary family through the mundane (career challenges and chores) to the fantastic (through game add-ons, players can make their Sims become mermaids or vampires). The Sims is a huge success: its four versions have sold more than 200 million copies in 60 countries.

Since the game’s launch, building homes from scratch has immediately appealed to those interested in architecture and design. However, the offers available for furnishing and decoration are often, to say the least, uninspiring. To bridge the gap, gamers took matters into their own hands – a cottage industry of fan-made downloadable collections of chic furniture and architectural finishes, designed by gamers who loved both gaming and home decor, has born.

A room on The Sims designed by HarrieCourtesy of Harrie

One of these players is a content creator Harry (who, as is common in the gaming community, prefers to use her first or social media name, @HeyHarrie), a graphic designer who now makes her living designing and selling stylish lines of virtual furniture and decorations , as well as decorated houses ready to download for the game. His recent creations include a brutalist bathroom collection, a series of furniture inspired by the design influencer Athena CalderoneBrooklyn brownstone, and even a luxurious treehouse designed in partnership with Gucci (yes, this Gucci) to coincide with The Sims: Off The Grid edition.

Harrie says the lack of sophistication in the game’s preloaded decoration options is what has caused designers like her to come up with fancier options. “Their designs have improved over the years, but they lack texture and their color palettes tend to be super saturated and bright,” says Harrie. “That’s not what people want. People love neutrals, they are crowd favorites. »

Harrie is both a gamer and a huge design fan, citing publications like The world of interiors and the European editions of Architectural Summary to luxury brands like Gaggenau as sources of inspiration. “I get so many design magazines and have a collection of interior design books plus I spend hours every day scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration,” says Harrie.

Harrie has always had a passion for interior design and started creating custom builds for The Sims, which she has been playing since the game launched in 2017. She has built a following on YouTube, where she posts time lapse videos of herself creating houses and furniture. Many of his videos have over 60,000 views, with some hitting the hundreds of thousands. Like so many creators, she’s also amassed a dedicated Instagram following.

She opened a Patreon account in August 2020 and was able to quit her day job and become a full-time content creator for the game. As part of the game’s user agreement, players are technically not supposed to use The Sims for profit. To circumvent this policy, Harrie and creators like her have found a specific workaround: She charges her designs for a month before releasing them for free (her sets are $5 each, with options to pay up to $20 if players feel generous and want to offer more financial support).

A kitchen for The Sims designed by Harrie

A kitchen for The Sims designed by HarrieCourtesy of Harrie

Interestingly, the fact that the drawings will eventually be free doesn’t seem to hamper people’s willingness to pay, a fact Harrie attributes to the older demographics of his audience. “EA tends to market the game to teenagers, but in my experience a lot of people over 30 play The Sims – people who have money to spend on expansion packs and additions to make the game more enjoyable for themselves,” says Harrie.

Harrie says it takes about three months to take a concept from idea to completion. She found great pleasure in creating specific interior design details like weathered kitchen hardware and bifold doors. While Harrie draws inspiration from real-life designs (she’ll sometimes post side-by-side photos of her Sims bedrooms alongside photos of real ones for comparison), she says the issue of copyright infringement has never been around. raised. “Ultimately, it’s just inspiration and I’m never exactly true to the original design,” she says.

Looking ahead, Harrie has several custom builds for an upcoming expansion pack, The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories, which she designed in a more formal capacity. She says EA has even acquired some of her furniture designs and added them to the base game, but they’re not slowing down their indie designs anytime soon. “I’m working on a Parisian-style apartment influenced by the work of [French architect and designer] joseph Diran and I plan to create a collection inspired by my Ghanaian heritage, which will be released in the fall,” she says. “Because it’s my job now, I can’t really play the game anymore, but players have told me that they would have stopped playing without my creations. That other people can get as much pleasure out of what I do, it’s worth it.

Homepage photo: A bedroom for The Sims inspired by design influencer Athena Calderone’s townhouse | Courtesy of Harrie

How to become an alien https://cc-pages.com/how-to-become-an-alien/ Wed, 09 Feb 2022 14:00:00 +0000 https://cc-pages.com/how-to-become-an-alien/ When the Set to work Expansion Pack has been released, many new features have been added to The Sims 4. Like careers that allow players to go to work with their Sim and manually complete required tasks. Another amazing addition was aliens. RELATED: Sims 4: Every Expansion, Game, and Stuff Pack You Need to Create […]]]>

When the Set to work Expansion Pack has been released, many new features have been added to The Sims 4. Like careers that allow players to go to work with their Sim and manually complete required tasks. Another amazing addition was aliens.

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Extraterrestrials are among the occult which can be created at the beginning of The Sims 4. They can do anything normal Sims can do, whether it’s going to school, working in a career, or having kids. However, they have a few abilities and interactions that can make the gameplay more intriguing.


How to Become an Alien in The Sims 4

how to create an alien in case in the sims 4

Currently, there are three methods to create an Alien; in CASE, getting abducted by aliens and having children with one. The first is the simplest. Simmers can click on the + icon in Create a Sim (CAS) to add another Sim to the household. There is an option to add occults and one of them is aliens.

Aliens have two looks; their everyday look and a disguise (human look). Players can customize the everyday look by changing skin color, adding weird facial markings, and more. The disguise is done like any other human look in CAS.

a satellite dish shooting a beam in the sims 4

The second method is a bit strange. Work in the Scientific career will allow players to have access to a Satellite Antena. It basically allows players to Contact the aliens and impregnate Male Sim, or to protect the hearth against kidnapping for 24 hours. Keep in mind that a lot of materials are needed to make a satellite dish.

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If players do not enter this particular career, it is possible to obtain it through cheats. Open the cheat console by pressing:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC
  • Command + Shift + C for Mac
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console
  • The four shoulder buttons for Xbox One

Then type Test cheats True Where The tests deceive, and cheats will be enabled. After that, type bb.showhiddenobjects. Then the Simmers must enter Build Mode and type Satellite in the search box. Just place it on the Lot and that’s it.

satellite dish location and how it works in the sims 4

After getting the dish, select Contact the aliens will cause the male Sim to be removed from players. The creature usually appears between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. Have a high Logical skill and using the Observatory in The Sims 4 can really increase the risk of being abducted.

This may not happen on the first attempt, so Simmers should keep selecting Contact Aliens every 24 hours until it happens. Players can also save at 9 p.m. and wait until 4 a.m. If nothing happens, they can reload the save and try again.

female alien sim abducted in the sims 4

When an abduction occurs, small lights flicker in a specific area. If the male Sim stands in this area, he will be pulled up by a beam of light from a spaceship. The Sim will be taken to Planet Sixama hidden area in The Sims 4. After a while, if he comes back with a stomach ache and is uncomfortable, then congratulations, the Male Sim is pregnant. The pregnancy then continues normally. Once the Sim has given birth, players can either keep the alien baby or send it to its hometown.

Because pregnancy has a 25% chance of success, players can save while the Male Sim is removed. If he doesn’t come back pregnant, they can reload the save until the aliens impregnate him.

female alien sim talking with normal sim in the sims 4

The last method is to Try for baby with an alien. It doesn’t matter if one parent or both are aliens, the baby will be born one. However, two alien parents will have a baby that has all of the alien abilities, while a baby of one alien parent will only have some of the abilities.

If Simmers have trouble meeting aliens (because most of them walk in disguise), they can try going to a bar on a Tuesday night between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. Tuesdays are usually Alien night, so the chances of encountering one are quite high.

Alien Abilities

alien abilities and interactions in the sims 4

Aliens can do a lot of cool things besides dressing up.

Aptitude Gesture The description
Analyze personality Friendly
  • Check Out Other Sims Traits
Empathy Friendly
  • Being able to feel the same emotion the other Sim is feeling
clear memory nonsense
  • Reset the relationship to zero, as if Sim and Alien never met
Scare with the probe nonsense
  • Take out a probe and scare the other Sim with it
Raise dead alien collectibles
  • When interacting with an alien collectible, the aliens have the choice to bring it back to life
Transmute elements, metals and crystals
  • By clicking on an element, a metal or a crystal, the aliens have the possibility of transmuting it
  • The results, however, are unexpected. So if players transmute a rare crystal they can get something better or worse, it’s completely random.

Aliens who only have one alien parent can use some of these abilities, but not all of them. Only pure aliens can use all these powers. Aliens that have been abducted by a human also have full abilities.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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The Sims 4: How to help neighbors and run errands

The new Cottage Living expansion pack allowed players to help other Sims shop in The Sims 4.

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5 Glitches That Are Unintentionally Hilarious (& 5 That Break The Game) https://cc-pages.com/5-glitches-that-are-unintentionally-hilarious-5-that-break-the-game/ Fri, 28 Jan 2022 15:11:18 +0000 https://cc-pages.com/5-glitches-that-are-unintentionally-hilarious-5-that-break-the-game/ The Sims is a groundbreaking series of life simulation games that have been entertaining gamers for over two decades. Each of the 4 main lines sims The games and their many expansion packs give players the tools to create countless different scenarios with their Sims. But sometimes players run into issues that present them with […]]]>

The Sims is a groundbreaking series of life simulation games that have been entertaining gamers for over two decades. Each of the 4 main lines sims The games and their many expansion packs give players the tools to create countless different scenarios with their Sims. But sometimes players run into issues that present them with unforeseen scenarios.

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These glitches usually end up being fun, but there are also plenty of glitches that are indeed game-breaking. Some of these issues are yet to be fixed and with continued updates to The Sims 4, more of these bugs and issues will certainly be discovered.

ten HILARIOUS: Sims are randomly cloned

A Sim playing chess with a clone in The Sims 2

In The Sims 2, there is a rare chance that a player’s Sim is suddenly cloned. An identical counterpart to that Sim will appear, allowing a Sim to interact and build a relationship with their clone.

This issue likely stems from another issue where Sims display a relationship with themselves or even want to become friends with themselves. No character file is created for the clone and it is treated as an object. The clone can simply be removed using the Moveobjects cheat.

9 INNOVATIVE: Sims are obsessed with cooking and baking

Sim cooking at the stove

Sims obsessed with cooking or baking are a common problem in The Sims 4 which was patched only recently. Sims would be stuck in a loop where they would cook a meal, set it aside without eating it, and then cook another meal.

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In a related issue, Sims can’t eat leftovers from the fridge, which creates excess food that just goes to waste. Players should be careful because if they don’t manually remove their Sims from this cooking loop, it can quickly drain their Simoleons or prevent their Sims from relieving their hunger.

8 HILARIOUS: The Sims have matching hair and teeth colors

Glitch showing Sims with matching hair and teeth colors

In The Sims 4, a problem may occur during the process of creating a Sim. When using hair swatches with specific hairstyles, like a bob or dreadlocks, that Sim’s teeth may change to the color of the hair swatch.

This change is not only visible in the Create a Sim section, but is also reflected in the gameplay. This glitch is an interesting way to make a Sim stand out, allowing them to deviate from the standard white teeth, having yellow, brown, gray or black colored teeth instead.

seven GAME BREAK: Toddlers are taken away because they can’t meet their needs

Sims 4 toddler ball pit

Toddlers were a long-awaited addition to The Sims 4 but their arrival has been accompanied by its share of glitches and bugs. One of the most frustrating problems occurs when a toddler doesn’t put down their toy or food. This causes the object to stick to toddlers’ hands and prevent them from meeting their needs.

They don’t eat the food they are given, don’t use the potty, and don’t even sleep. When a toddler’s needs aren’t being met, the game can remove that Sim from home. This issue has caused some players to permanently lose their toddler Sims.

6 HILARIOUS: Wrinkled Teens Look Older Than They Are

Teen Sim with Crow's Feet

In The Sims 4, an issue that can give teenage Sims crow’s feet around their eyes. This can happen when a child Sim ages into a teen or when players create a teen Sim through Genetics options in Create a Sim. Especially since teens in The Sims 4 are the same height as adult sims, this issue can make teenage Sims look much older than they are.

Usually crow’s feet would only spawn on adult or older Sims. On the bright side, having a weird old kid hanging around can be pretty funny.

5 GAME-BREAKING: Corrupt bundles block content for players

Sims relax at Onsen hot springs

There is a bug in The Sims 4 which blocks game content due to corrupt bundles. When players encounter a corrupted bundle, they will be unable to load the bundle. Even replacing the batch with a new one is not a foolproof solution. the Snowy getaway The expansion pack is notorious for its issues with the Sutefani Onsen Bathouse bundle.

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Players will often not be able to get to the field, so they can participate in mountain climbing excursions. The inaccessible bundle essentially prevents players from accessing much of the content they paid for in the expansion pack.

4 HILARIOUS: Peeing in the toilet starts a fire

Sim pees in a fire in the toilet

Since the bladder is one of the basic patterns of Sims, the toilet is an essential part of any Sim’s life. Things can get weird in The Sims 4 when a problem can cause the toilet to catch fire when a Sim uses it.

The bug seems to be related to the Eco-friendly lifestyle expansion pack, as players can upgrade their toilet with a composting container that will catch fire if the compost is not used. Players without the expansion pack still sometimes see their Sims setting off toilet fires with their pee. Fortunately, this fire is harmless and goes out when they ignite.

3 GAME-BREAKING: Sims Fail College Courses Despite Meeting All Requirements

Sims studying at the university library

the Discover the university expansion pack for The Sims 4 allows Sims to enroll in college and experience life on campus. However, a glitch can severely hamper players’ college experience by causing their Sims to fail their courses, even though they have met all the requirements to pass.

This issue can cause players to invest in their Sims’ work to study, do homework, take notes, and upgrade their skills for a class for nothing. This, in turn, prevents their Sims from graduating and using their degree for their chosen career.

2 HILARIOUS: Ghosts can take a cab to random lots

Ghost Sims in a haunted house

In The Sims 3, each graveyard is populated by ghosts that can leave at night to haunt Sims on other lots. the Ambition The expansion pack may cause an issue where graveyard ghosts behave unusually.

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While ghosts typically rise from their headstones and leave the graveyard in their own ghostly cars, the problem may cause them to take a taxi or random car to another lot. Ghosts will sometimes go to empty lots and stay there before disappearing. If players manage to interact with the ghost, that too will cause it to disappear.

1 GAME-BREAKING: Sims won’t go to work or school

Scientist, detective, and doctor visiting the bakery in The Sims 4: Get to Work

Going to work is integral for a Sim to craft the Simoleons necessary for life. Meanwhile, going to school is a requirement for all child and teen Sims. There is a bug in The Sims 4 that prevents Sims from going to work or school. When it’s time for a Sim to leave home for work or school, the action begins but never ends.

Even manually forcing the Sim to go to work or school won’t work. Sims who don’t go to work won’t be promoted and may eventually be fired, while Sims who don’t go to school will get low grades which will affect the career level they start at.

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Ganondorf, Link and Stallord

Zelda: Every Twilight Princess Boss, Ranked By Difficulty

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10 Best Pose Mods For The Sims 4 https://cc-pages.com/10-best-pose-mods-for-the-sims-4/ Mon, 17 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 https://cc-pages.com/10-best-pose-mods-for-the-sims-4/ After the release of Set to work and Moschino stuff in The Sims 4, players have a variety of photo options. The expansion pack and stuff kit allow users to take professional selfies, family photos and more. However, although it is easy to take pictures, there are not many poses to choose from. RELATED: The […]]]>

After the release of Set to work and Moschino stuff in The Sims 4, players have a variety of photo options. The expansion pack and stuff kit allow users to take professional selfies, family photos and more. However, although it is easy to take pictures, there are not many poses to choose from.

RELATED: The Sims 4: Things We Want To See In Future Expansion Packs

Luckily, there are tons of poses scattered across the internet thanks to Simmers creating Custom Content (CC). Usually, poses are used to showcase new player creations in The Sims 4; like clothes and furniture. The packs also differ in style. For example, some are for friends, while some are for lovers. Simmers interested in knowing what The Sims 4 installation modules work better should check out this article.

ten Let’s walk together

two sims walking and talking together in the sims 4

Unfortunately, walking and talking is not an option in The Sims 4. If two or more Sims want to talk, they will stop moving and converse. With this pack, Simmers no longer need to imagine what it’s like to walk and talk. The possible pairs for this pack are:

  • Two teenage (or older) Sims

  • A teenage (or older) Sim and a child

After selecting the desired pair, Simmers can now choose the pose they like from the Let’s walk together pack by clumsyalienn. Poses also allow Sims to express emotions, making them more authentic.


9 bored in bed

a female sim posing on a bed in the sims 4

This pose is perfect for lazy Simmers. They can dress up their Sim in comfortable clothes and take great photos while the Sim lays on a bed. Also, if the players are CC creators, the bored in bed pose by Katverse is a good choice to showcase their newly made furniture.

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When choosing which pose players want their Sim to take, there is an option that will allow them to play all poses. Basically, the Sim will enter an endless loop of poses. Simmers can take this chance and take as many photos as they want. When they are completed, undoing the action will return the Sim to their original state.

8 wedding pose

a female sim and a male sim taking wedding photos in the sims 4

Weddings are not a strange event in The Sims 4. Finding the one and settling down is every hopeless romantic Sim’s dream. With the wedding pose pack by Beto_ae0, Simmers can pose their two Sims in many romantic poses. Some allow them to hold each other while looking each other in the eye. And a Sim can kiss the other on the cheek.

However, players should plan their Sims outfits before taking pictures. The most important part is obviously the dress. Although the bouquet and the veil are not necessary, they will make the photos more realistic.

7 Near me

a female sim and a male sim posing together in the sims 4

Ever get bored of the fact that female Sims and male Sims are the same height? Well, not anymore. Using downloadable custom content, this pose pack will improve the height difference between the two Sims. The CC needed to make the poses look real is the Leg height slider mod. If players are uncomfortable with this mod, it is possible to use this pack with the original height.

Simmers have the freedom to choose between casual or formal attire, as it depends on the mood they are trying to create. the Near me pack by Katverse is romantic, but that doesn’t mean that players’ Sims have to be lovers. The poses are mostly cute because the two Sims gaze shyly at each other or the male Sim hugs the female Sim from behind.

6 Struck poses

two sims sitting on a loveseat in the sims 4

This pack also has a romantic vibe, where it focuses on Struck poses by RATBOYSIMS. It doesn’t contain many poses, but it makes up for it with the loving atmosphere it creates. Only two teenage or older Sims are required for this pose (gender doesn’t matter) as well as any love seat in the Build Mode. For this to work, players need to place two teleporters in the middle of the loveseat.

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All the poses show the beauty of falling in love looking into each other’s eyes. For example, there’s a pose that shows Sim A leaning over the loveseat to kiss Sim B. This is a must-have pack if players are into romantic interactions.

5 Atlantis

a mermaid holding a flower and posing on a rock in the sims 4

Thanks to a couple of The Sims 4 Expansion packs, like realm of magic and living on the island, Simmers can now create occult beings. For example, spell casters and mermaids. This particular pack contains a few poses that will enhance their Sim’s mermaid functionality.

Using the Atlantis pack by Beto_ae0, players can take photos of their mermaid lying on a rock, gazing at a flower, or the Sim can simply sit elegantly on a rock, looking satisfied. However, keep in mind that there are a few objects that need to be uploaded for the results to come out well (eg the rock and the flower).

4 mermaid posepack

three mermaids posing in the sims 4

This is another Mermaid pack, but unlike the previous one, this pack features poses for one or more Sims. It also requires two main objects to function; which are Rocks cross – Maxis mesh edit and ACC Skull. The second element is not important and can be replaced, but the rock is crucial for this pack.

Players can use this mermaid posepack by BOMMIEKOIV impersonate two mermaids by being intimate or placing three mermaids on a rock. There’s also a pose that might appeal to Simmers who like to imagine unlikely scenarios, namely two mermaids rescuing a human.

3 friends time

a group of sims posing together in the sims 4

If players don’t mind playing with a large family or if one of their Sims has too many friends, then they will definitely enjoy this pack. There are two group poses in the friends time pack by memoriesplastic; one for five Sims and one for six Sims. The first requires a Acc Telephone CC work, while the other doesn’t need anything. The CC must be placed when creating a Sim (CAS) on one of the Sims.

Simmers just have to choose a bit of scenery where they want to take pictures of the large group. Remember that the number of teleporters placed must equal the number of Sims to summon. Next, assign each Sim a pose using the Pose Player.

2 three of us

a female sim, a male sim and a toddler posing together in the sims 4

This pack contains nine poses for three Sims; A female Sim, a male Sim, and a toddler (the first two must be teenagers or older). the three of us pack by Simmerberlin is an amazing choice for all Simmers who are family oriented and love taking pictures of their tiny home.

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Most of these poses have a cute and comforting feel to them, especially the toddler, who most of the time is seen being hugged or smothered by the other two Sims. Keep in mind that all three teleporters must be placed in the same location for the pack to work.

1 Archery pose set

a female sim holding a bow in the sims 4

After The Sims 3 Medieval, The Sims 4 has not posted any history-related content. As a result, Simmers who like the Victorian and medieval vibe are disappointed. Hopefully this pack of poses can satisfy them a bit as it is considered old fashioned.

the archer pose by room of flowers only requires a bow and arrow to fulfill players’ fantasies. In CAS, they must dress their chosen Sim in fitted outfits. Next, the Simmer should tap on the selected Sim and choose Pose by name. Then type a2a_generic_GS_listen_angry_04_x. This action will cause their Sim to enter an infinite loop of archery poses that can be stopped once the action is undone. Players only need to pause the game when a certain pose captures their attention and take a shot.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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tiny tinas wonderland tiny tina
March 25 is going to be a huge day for co-op players

March 25 is shaping up to be one of the biggest days of the year for co-op players, as two major releases are set to launch that day.

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22 Things We Still Want In The Sims 4 https://cc-pages.com/22-things-we-still-want-in-the-sims-4/ Sun, 23 May 2021 04:53:51 +0000 https://cc-pages.com/22-things-we-still-want-in-the-sims-4/ The Sims 4 turned six in September 2020. Much like the franchise’s 20th anniversary earlier in the year, the sixth anniversary was somewhat understated. This edition of the cult classic simulation game has been with us longer than any of its predecessors. Many improvements have been made to the game since its release, but there […]]]>

The Sims 4 turned six in September 2020. Much like the franchise’s 20th anniversary earlier in the year, the sixth anniversary was somewhat understated.

This edition of the cult classic simulation game has been with us longer than any of its predecessors.

Many improvements have been made to the game since its release, but there are a few things missing from the base game and some of its expansions.

Different players want different things and there are definitely some things we missed on this list – so please don’t consider that the definitive wish for The Sims 4.

However, we’ve tried to make this wishlist broad enough to capture a bit of everything from all different playstyles. Nothing so extreme as imagining what The Sims 4 worlds would look like if impacted by a pandemic, just a few basics to make the game a bit more…. Completed.

Best thumbnails for gallery uploads

Depending on the terrain you’re building on in The Sims 4 or the angle you’ve set for your build, the auto thumbnails the gallery chooses for Sims 4 builds can sometimes ruin an entire build. It’s something his team said they were working on, so there’s hope.

Edit apartments

The apartments that came with the Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion attempted to allow editing of parts from the outside, but this was ultimately not possible. Creating or modifying our own apartments in The Sims 4 would be a game changer… not that kind of game changer.

Best way to upload to gallery with rooms/pools

Pools technically count as rooms in The Sims 4, so if you build a deck with a pool included and upload it to the gallery, your pool will disappear. Not great.

Suitable sectional sofas

Sure, you can create them using the moveobjects cheat and fine-tuning the placement using ALT, but can we just have couches that snap together to create proper L-shapes?

create a world

We know, we know. The ability to create a world is probably unlikely to ever come to The Sims 4, but it would be amazing to build a world from scratch and design it exactly how we want it. Imagine if we could create the hidden world of Sylvan Glade as a magical wonderland for Sims to live in?

With so many new debug objects added to the game in the September patch, creating a world in The Sims 4 would actually be pretty easy.

Better skin tones

The team said that improving skin tones in The Sims 4 will be addressed in the coming months. But we’re adding it to the list anyway.

Free the baby

Not high on our wishlist, but the creepy baby being an item in The Sims 4 is something many gamers have been asking for for years.

Matching doors

Seriously, why oh why are there so many walls that don’t have matching doors? It’s one of the biggest bugbears in the building.


In the same category as skin tones. We have beards, can anything be done about body hair in The Sims 4?

Burglar NPC

This is another thing the team said they were “constantly thinking about”. Burglars were a mainstay of the original Sims game, but six years later they still haven’t appeared in The Sims 4.

Policeman NPC

This genre goes hand in hand with the Burglar NPC. While an active police career exists with The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion, it’s not quite the same as a cop showing up to catch a crook.

Grocery store

We have retail bundles and we can create a fish market using only the base game and debug items. Can grocery stores become a thing?


Yeah, yeah, who still has those days when everyone has cell phones? Does it matter? The house phone is a cult classic from The Sims. Bring it back.

Cars and garages

Again, not high on our wish list, but many Sims players have been asking for these for years. While there is some hope that cars will be coming to The Sims 4 soon, they would really add to the gameplay that comes with the Eco Living expansion pack.

Newspaper and newspaper delivery man

A newspaper delivered by the children in the morning before school would be amazing. Print is not dead, long live paper.

Spiral staircases

The Sims 4 team has taken on the challenges of spiral staircases and we get it. In 2019, we added configurable stairs to the game, which made stairs a little more fun. But oh, for a spiral case to take us to our ivory tower.

Ability to create rentals in all worlds

There are mods that allow this, but if you want your Sims to vacation in Sulani, they should be able to. On the bright side, at least Sims can now escape to vacation worlds after the September patch.

Fewer bulky items

We talked about some of the most annoying things about The Sims 4 in a previous article. Why is everything so massive? Is it too much to ask for a full-size telescope or smaller coffee tables?

basin tool

Yes, we can technically create ponds using the base game and debug objects, without the need for custom content. But we just want ponds that Sims won’t try to swim in because they’re actually swimming pools.

Pizza recipe

We can order a pizza, but why can’t we make it in a pizza oven, maybe with stuffed ingredients that could have some interesting side effects if the mushrooms aren’t meant to be eaten.

Basic diving board

Again with the giant objects thing. Can we just have a simple diving board for The Sims 4 base game please?

Bug fixes

All bug fixes. So much. No, not the larvae. The larvae are fine. The game plays bugs.

Bonus wish: Living in holiday worlds

That sort of thing falls under rental in all worlds, too, but while frolicking in Granite Falls, we longed to be able to live there. Sure, Zerbu’s mod lets you change everyone from vacation to residential, but we just want to change a lot. Also, it’s a mod. We want to include the things here in the package.