Stranger Things Comes to The Sims 4 Thanks to Fan’s Wheeler House Build

Stranger Things can now be explored in The Sims 4 thanks to a clever build by a talented player who replicated Wheeler’s family home.

A piece of stranger things‘ world can now be explored in The Sims 4 thanks to an authentic replica of Wheeler’s family home built by a devoted fan. Players of the life simulation game have proven time and time again how versatile the game’s building system is, which can be used to create structures of almost any level of complexity.

The players have used The Sims 4 to recreate famous TV shows and movies from the beginning of the franchise, and with the game’s gallery sharing feature, it’s easy for users to upload and share their creations for others to enjoy in their own Sims worlds. There have been countless famous buildings and characters remade using the sims‘ Robust authoring tools, enabling everything from Marvel’s Scarlet Witch to Disney’s Encanto Madrigal family recreations. With the next Game Pack confirmed to be sims 4 werewolvesmany are already looking forward to doing the Dusk films and sets in the Maxis title.


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Reddit user grenesims shared an authentic replica of the stranger things Wheeler House built in The Sims 4. The copy is almost indistinguishable from the original building familiar to anyone who has watched the hit Netflix series. grenesims meticulously replicated the interior and exterior, even including Mike and Nancy’s bedrooms and the boys’ basement. Although limited by the existing assets available in The Sims 4grenesims has done a great job of placing various items like posters and toys in the same places where they reside stranger things. Neat little details, like a pair of bikes left in the driveway, really add to the overall feeling that this is a real movie set in The Sims 4. But while the house presents itself as the perfect copy of the stranger thingsfamous building, it also functions brilliantly as a fully functional home for Sims.

See the full image gallery on Reddit here.

Although the Wheeler house turned out to be quite a large building to The Sims 4even the tiniest cabins can be functional and appropriate for any game purpose. A recent houseboat project by a The Sims 4 player perfectly proves this approach. The thoughtful builder was able to create a detailed and atmospheric structure despite the small scale and limited area. Additionally, the houseboat was built in Sulani, one of the most scenic maps in the game.

Construction of the Wheeler House in Grenesims The Sims 4 is so perfect that it can easily be used by stranger things role-players without any modification. However, there’s only one slight improvement that could have made the project an absolute gem, and it’s an Upside Down version that would have pushed the original idea to its full potential. This could be difficult since The Sims 4 only has a limited number of building assets, but there are no limits for a truly dedicated builder, especially if custom content is introduced. Judging by the painstaking work of grenesims, they are exactly the person to take on a project like this.

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Source: grenesims/Reddit

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