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PROVIDED PHOTO State Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) speaks to county residents at the 209 Avenue Coffee House on Saturday. Sims stopped in Clinton County while campaigning for the seat of lieutenant governor in the May primary.

LOCK HAVEN — State Representative Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) spent a few hours chatting with local citizens on Saturday at 209 Avenue in Lock Haven. Sims is running for the seat of lieutenant governor in the primary on May 17. He visited all 67 counties of Pennsylvania and often camped along the way.

Speaking about his campaign, he explained that the lieutenant governor has three functions:

– Presiding over the Palestinian Authority Senate and casting decisive votes when necessary.

— To preside over the council of graces. In this role, the LG must review criminal cases and recommend clemency to the governor. Sims said he was ready for the position as an experienced attorney who actively advocated for civil rights, equality issues, disability issues and environmental issues.

— Chair the Emergency Management Council. In this role, the LG summons experts to deal with the current crisis. After 10 years in the house, Sims said he had made many connections and was familiar with emergency procedures.

Sims believes people across the Commonwealth and the nation want their government to show up, listen and fight for them. He said he is now and will continue to fight for equality and continue to work to reform the criminal justice system and protect the environment.

In closing, he underlined the importance of the rural vote.

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