State orders Sims Metal to clean up pollution weeks after Redwood City facility fire | News

The Sims Metal shoots remotely March 9, 2022. Courtesy of Hugo Garcia.

Just weeks after a ‘big fire’ broke out at Redwood City Sims Metal, the state of California on Monday ordered the recycling center to investigate the extent to which its operations may have caused pollution in the area from its installation and to clean it. in place, according to a state press release.

In a letter to Sims Metal dated March 24, 2022, the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) said it required “corrective action to address a release of hazardous waste” and that the agency State had conducted several inspections of the recycling facility. and had determined that “releases of hazardous waste and hazardous waste components have occurred”.

Concentrations of lead, zinc and copper that “exceeded hazardous waste levels” were collected during inspections, the state agency said in the letter. The letter notes that pollution discharges may have “migrated to soil, groundwater, air, and nearby properties, as well as surface waters, such as Redwood Creek and San Francisco Bay,” all of which are two adjacent to the installation. Bair Island and the Greco Islands are also nearby.

The DTSC said it was “concerned about the potential health impact” near daycares, parks, hospitals, schools and homes, according to the news release.

“DTSC has a responsibility to protect communities and the environment from polluting businesses and industries,” DTSC Director Dr. Meredith Williams said in a statement. “Metal recycling facilities have come to our attention because of the potential exposure to harmful materials from these types of operations.”

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