Stardew Valley Bachelors Recreated in The Sims 4

A Sims 4 player has crafted every bachelor from popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley in Create-A-Sim, creating a delightful crossover.

A The Sims 4 the gamer shared a remarkable new crossover this week: a recreation of all eligible singles from the farming sim Stardew Valley in Create-A-Sim. Although distinctly different, both simulation games have a large fanbase and are considered one of the most beloved games in their particular genres. Great The Sims 4 The creative community is full of gamers who share their work online – since its release in 2014, the game has sold over 36 million copies and become one of the most popular simulation games of all. time.

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game where players have complete control over the characters they create, managing everything from their character’s appearance to their home and life choices. Players create their characters using a tool called Create-A-Sim, which allows players to change face shape, hair, clothing, and more. of a Sim. Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where players live a humble life in a small town that bears the same name. While performing various farming tasks, players can also befriend the townspeople. Some Stardew Valley characters can even be romanced and possibly married, with the game offering 6 female and 6 male contestants.


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Reddit user ItaruxIzumi shared an amazing recreation of the 6 Stardew Valleythis week’s male marriage candidates, sharing Create-A-Sim images of each. Each single has been lovingly recreated with great detail, from Sebastian and his classic emo aesthetic with dark side-parted hair, to Elliot’s long, flowing blonde locks and formal attire that captures his artsy and somewhat pretentious nature. Due to CAS limitations, there are slight differences with some characters – for example, Harvey is missing his classic mustache – but overall each character has been expertly crafted.

Sim version of Elliot from Stardew Valley.

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While the slight deviation from in-game characters is noticeable, it’s understandable when Create-A-Sim’s limited options are considered. Although in some cases CAS limitations can be circumvented with The Sims 4 custom content, sometimes it’s just not possible to find the clothes or hair needed to create an exact replica of a character in-game. The player has used custom content elsewhere, as evidenced by their screenshot : there are new traits listed that are not offered in The Sims 4 next to each character. Amusingly, each character has been given the shy trait, which is very fitting for singles – each has a form of shyness or low confidence that is revealed through their in-game storylines.

There’s probably a lot of overlap between fans of The Sims franchise and fans of Stardew Valley, so this delicious crossover is sure to please many fans. These double singles were clearly created by a huge fan of both series, with a great amount of detail and time put into each. sims 4 players who continue to share unique creations like these, and Stardew Valley fans posting their farm designs and strategies, helping to inspire players and encourage them to keep playing. Although both The Sims 4 and Stardew Valley have been out for several years, both fanbases remain very active, thanks in large part to the players themselves.

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Source: ItaruxIzumi/Reddit

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