Someone created the Love Island villa in The Sims 4

However The Sims gives players the toy box needed to create any type of reality they want, the case with gaming is often that they will simply recreate alternate versions of their real life. It gives them the chance to imagine themselves getting the jobs they want, having sex with the Sims they want, and becoming a full-fledged Jedi or Werewolf (if they choose).

We’ve probably missed the boat in psychoanalyzing why we’re doing this, but to be honest, it’s become part of the game’s DNA now. And now, rather than replicating reality, players are starting to replicate the idea of ​​the reality on television – by recreating the villa of the island of love. And it’s really great.

Why is the Love Island villa in The Sims 4?

twitter user Steph0Sims has shared his brand new creation with the world as part of a new sponsorship with EA, and it’s a total recreation of the famous villa from the mostly heterosexual reality show the island of love.

The design is immaculate and perfectly reflects the Mallorcan villa, which is perfectly suited to a host of shredded young Brits trying to woo each other.

The intricacies of the recreated villa are so focused that, according to Steph, the items on display can’t be moved without everything cutting out, meaning the villa “could get weird” – but it’s on his gallery page if you want to join the villa yourself.

The Sims approve the recreation of the Love Island villa

Apparently, it’s not just fans who are impressed with Villa’s recreation – it looks like The Sims themselves received a text message to tell them about it. “That’s a good choice, don’t you agree @LoveIsland,” asks the game’s official Twitter account. Huge “how are you classmates” energy emanating from this tweet, but we will allow it.

What’s next, a reenactment of The only way is Essex on the inside The Simsor what about RuPaul’s Drag Race? Of course if it was real the island of lovethere would probably be more drama than we could make The Sims. Yet the the island of love villa is a large construction, and it is absolutely our type on paper. Now enter it and take part in more and more exciting challenges.

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