Skyrim’s Whiterun Rebuilt in The Sims Is Incredibly Accurate

A Skyrim fan has taken advantage of The Sims 4’s intricate crafting and customization systems to recreate the city of Whiterun with impressive precision.

A fan of Skyrim designed an almost 1:1 recreation of the iconic town of Whiterun in The Sims 4. The long-running simulation and life creation franchise has been a platform for video game crossover content for years thanks to its robust system of customization options, allowing players to create their own homes, environments, characters and scenarios. A recent example of this type of game crossover would be the sims player who recreated Stardew Valley game characters.

SkyrimIt’s safe to say that the popularity of in the gaming world is down to a number of different factors, but many fans would likely attribute at least some of its success to its world; the kingdoms of Skyrim are vast and sprawling, with diverse geography ranging from snow-capped peaks to dense forests and sandy beaches. This varied land is home to a number of different towns and villages, with Whiterun being one of the first players will come across if following the main questline. The Imperial City is presented as bustling and historic, watched over by an opulent castle inhabited by Jarl Balgruf. The city is the one that probably comes to many players’ minds when they think of the game, as it is the source of iconic quests, locations, and moments like Skyrimthe “arrow to the knee” meme.


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YouTuber and streamer DrGluon seems to have a particular fondness for the Skyrim town of Whiterun, as they managed to recreate a surprisingly faithful replica of it in The Sims 4 (Going through Rant game). DrGluon used family and life simulation to create the many streets, buildings, and other landmarks of Whiterun, even installing a massive throne similar to the one on which Jarl Balgruf can often be found perched. It looks like a snowfall effect has also been applied to the build, further increasing its parity with its Bethesda counterpart.

It is much more common for sims players to build houses or other small-scale creations, so it’s certainly interesting to see how a big city is approached. The city seems to be a popular hobby topic among the general gaming community, with a Skyrim fan making Whiterun in Valheim. It’s possible that a combination of the city’s popularity and its relatively simple design (all structures are built with common materials like wood and stone) made it ripe for replication.

It will be interesting to see if this player (or any other Skyrim fans) will branch out and recreate other locations from Skyrim in The Sims. Other early game towns like Riverrun might be interesting for fans to see, or even more complex areas like the College of Winterhold. Anyway, this Skyrim the construction is very charming and impressive, and does a good job of showing how The Sims 4 has remained relevant for so long.

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Source: DrGluon/YouTube (via Game Rant)

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