Sims Settlements 2 ‘Fallout 4’ mod gets ‘DLC-sized expansion’

Fallout 4 Sims Settlements 2 mod gets a big expansion called Gunner outbreakcontinuing the story of the original mod.

The Sims 2 Settlements was already a huge mod when it launched last year. The mod gave the colony building a huge overhaul, allowing you to fly to get a bird’s eye view of everything, as well as an improved HUD. It also added an original story to the game, released as Chapter 1. And now Chapter 2, Gunner Outbreak, is available to download now.

The update of the Fallout 4 mod adds three new side quests, as well as a few other new features. The quest started in the first chapter saw you attempt to rebuild the Commonwealth, and Gunner Outbreak is essentially a continuation of that story.

You will find new groups added to the Fallout 4 mod also, like the CPD, a group that formed as pre-war police departments. They aim to eliminate the Gunners, the new threat introduced in the first chapter. And it will be up to the actors to steer the CPD towards more peaceful means of resolution. There’s also The Nightingales, who take more peaceful approaches to life, using ancient medicine and the arts of healing.

And there will also be non-story obligations. The sim part of Sims Settlements 2 will force you to fight growing pollution and disease related issues. You will have to do this by encouraging cleanliness and you can build medical buildings to help solve the problem of disease.

A chapter 3 is planned for the Fallout 4 mod, but no details have been confirmed yet. The mod is also available on PC and Xbox.

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