Sims players want more varied options from fan-made creations

If you don’t want to create new Sims in The Sims 4, you can still download the ones that other players have created from the gallery. Some players say that unless you’re looking for white characters, your options are pretty slim.

The gallery has been a feature of The Sims because The Sims 3. Players can upload Sims homes and houses to the in-game gallery, and other players can then download them. In theory, this opens players up to some interesting new types of Sims that they might not have thought of creating before, and to some extent, that’s true. The gallery goes through trends, whether seductive guys Where pregnant teens, but recently players have started complaining that even unplugged Sims are too identical. Namely, they are predominantly white.

Three days ago, a Simmer posted a topic in The Sims‘ subreddit titled “Gallery people always post their white teenagers when skin tones like this exist…smh.” A photo of this Sim was included:

Although this thread has over a thousand upvotes, the comments section reveals a controversial conversation between the Simmers. Some players agree with the original argument that too many Sims in the gallery are white, and say that players of color are generally underserved by The Sims and its fanbase. Others say they just don’t feel safe creating Sims of races other than their own, either because they don’t want to mess things up and look disrespectful, or because they’re afraid of retaliation from other players if they do it wrong. Others point out that the Sim used as an example may have black hair, but still has thin lips, a thin nose, and straight hair, which are “European” looking facial features. However, everyone recognized that there were more white Sims than any other race, even people whose opinion boiled down to “it’s just a game, move on”.

If you open the gallery, you’ll see that while there are a few colored Sims, the vast majority of them are white. Sims who are not white tend to have very fair skin. Of the top 50 households in the gallery’s “Popular Now” category, only 10 include people of color.

Simmers hoping to create more diverse Sims also don’t have to work as much in the game’s toolset either. February and August added new curly hairstyles and a wider variety of skin tones, but there’s still a long way to go. If you have frizzy hair or wear your hair in braids or highlights, it’s always hard to find hair in the game that matches yours without downloading mods. The makeup provided by the game also tends to look a bit odd on darker skin tones. East Asian Simmers have also complained that the skin tone closest to hers has a pale yellow undertone.

Even if The Sims‘diversity doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of Simmers, the gallery is a resource of their creations. If Simmers want to see more diversity there, they need to showcase it within their own community.

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