Sims player recreates fully gray build/buy menu house in-game

A clever Sims 4 player has perfectly recreated the all-gray house featured in the game’s interactive Build and Buy menu in incredible detail.

A skillful The Sims 4 player has skillfully recreated the house featured in the game’s Build and Buy menu. The Sims 4 is a popular pastime for many gamers. The long-running simulation title has one of the most active creative communities in gaming, with players frequently sharing their creations online.

Although creating and living the life of Sims is a central part of The Sims franchise, building homes and businesses is arguably an equally popular activity – some players even spend more time creating builds than playing with their characters. To do this, players will use the Build and Buy menu to buy furniture, build foundations and roofs, do landscaping, and more. This menu – which was different at each iteration of the sims franchisee – in The Sims 4 is represented by a gray house and yard that makes each section clickable so players can quickly switch between sections.


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twitter user dan1ellebuilds shared a clever recreation of the home from the Build/Buy menu this week that will look very familiar to everyone The Sims 4 fan. Almost entirely monochromatic, every menu section, from the wallpaper to the pools, has been included as it appears in-game. The only objects shown in color are those that do not have gray swatches, which are recreations of menu buttons for nature elements. The user recreation also perfectly copies the menu spacing, expertly capturing the layout of the game’s Build/Buy menu.

Although this recreation may not be as flashy and colorful as others The Sims 4 built, that doesn’t make it any less impressive. In fact, the way the user managed to find matching shades of gray for each menu item, as well as capture the game’s exact proportions, is perhaps a more difficult feat than designing a taller, more more colorful that gives players more creative leeway. . This recreation must not have been an easy task, not only because of the color swatches needed, but because of the difficulty of building only the partial shape of many of the items as presented in the menu, and of the careful correspondence of the proportions of the menu.

It is unclear whether the user should use The Sims 4 building cheats for this amazing recreation, but surely that was a difficult process anyway. For any gamer who spends a lot of time in Build and Buy mode, this design is a perfect tribute to the process of building the game in the most meta way possible, highlighting the menu while using the same menu to create the build. Although sims players will always have their pet peeve about Build/Buy mode when it comes to any entry in the series, the possibilities the game offers to create players’ visions cannot be overlooked. This incredibly accurate build highlights those possibilities while creating a fun homage to a screen that many The Sims 4 gamers have undoubtedly watched for hours.

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Source: dan1ellebuilds/Twitter

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