Sims know new Werewolves event is a hit with furries

The Sims 4 recently released some new content called Werewolves and it’s been a big hit with the sim community – especially furries. While it’s no surprise that the furries enjoyed the anthropomorphic wolves running around naked in the life simulator, the developers shocked people by acknowledging them on Twitter.

A day before Werewolves was released, The Sims developers told fans to prepare to “sharpen their claws” for the update. This tweet prompted eager fans to ask a few questions, including one from Simotion asking if a glitch had been fixed that was causing werewolves to be invisible. The developers’ response shook people up.

“Can confirm that the Invisible Werewolf case has been resolved,” the official account replied. “All players will be able to see their Furry Thirst Traps come to life tomorrow!”

This response left many in the Sims community speechless. Developers often removed game mods they found sexual, suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate. But then the team went ahead and created werewolves despite apparently being aware of the number of furries playing The Sims 4.

It’s not just that the game includes hair-like characters in Werewolves, it’s the way werewolves act. In a review in pc gamer, a Sims player shared their experience with the new content. She usually hung around Moonwood, the new neighborhood.

But before long, her attention was almost entirely on Kristopher, a werewolf from the game. He continued to invite himself into her character, and she eventually decided to flirt with the animal-like human.

“As soon as Margaret flirted with Kristopher, I was informed that she had found her destiny mate, the only werewolf she was meant to be with,” the player wrote.

It’s almost as if the Sims devs wanted yiff and fan fiction about their love affairs with werewolves. It’s almost as if players have no choice but to indulge in a romantic and dramatic plot when experiencing the update. It seems players were right to roast the new pack, calling it the “furry pack”.

It’s unclear why the developers decided to steer the game in this direction and then go directly to the oft-ostracized group of cosplayers. But it is advisable not to search for werewolf-related fan art for a while.

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