Sims 4: What are the best mods?

Welcome to our guide “Sims 4: What are the best mods?”. We’ve carefully selected some of the most useful, fun, and engaging Sims 4 mods available. Browse the list to find the ones that interest you the most, then download and install them now.

What are the best Sims 4 mods?

The realistic birth mod

This realistic childbirth mod from PandaSama is exactly what you need to experience the wonder of childbirth in your virtual environment. With the Get to Work expansion installed, your pregnant Sim would go to the hospital and go through many phases to induce labor. Alternatively, a scheduled caesarean can skip the early stage of labor, allowing for rapid epidural delivery.

The MC command center module

Next up is an MC Command Center, a massive Sims 4 mod. Because you can change virtually every element of your Sims’ existence in the neighborhood, you’re a Sims 4 god. Determine who’s pregnant, abort if necessary and even filter the options to get non-gaming controller Sims to make sure they are enjoying their best life. My favorite tweaks are time-based, so your Sim doesn’t have to shower and eat breakfast before work each day. If I can’t Mortimer Goth, neither can you.

The UI Cheats plugin

The main cheat codes are learned by many Sims players, and putting in “mother lode” for a bunch of simoleons is almost second nature. However, there are plenty of cheats available, and unless you intend to learn them all, finding them can be a time-consuming task. This is where weerbesu’s mod comes in, as it integrates all the cheat choices into the UI without requiring any input. Very effective!

So, that was our “Sims 4: What are the best mods?” guide. Please leave a comment below!

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