Sims 4 Wedding Stories Pack Gets Many Fixes In New Update

The Sims 4 team has released a comprehensive new patch which aims to fix the myriad of issues present in the My Wedding Stories game pack.

The Sims 4: My Marriage Stories received a much-needed patch that aims to fix some of the major Game Pack issues. the My Marriage Stories The downloadable content was first announced in February 2022 and aimed to expand on in-game weddings by adding additional events and features. After its release, the DLC caused a large amount of backlash against developer EA from the game’s community for the largely unfinished state. Sold over 36 million copies since its release in 2014, The Sims 4 is one of the most popular simulation games of all time.

Before the release of My Marriage Storiesweddings in The Sims 4 were quite simple. There were no pre-wedding events or roles in the wedding, such as that of officiant, and the wedding itself was held almost the same as any other party held in the game. My Marriage Stories added a slew of new features, including events like engagement parties and rehearsal dinners, wedding roles like Sim of Honor, and even a whole new in-game world. Pack were buggy. Some bugs include guests not being seated for wedding ceremonies, Sims not walking down the aisle, marital kisses having glitchy animations, and a whole host of other errors.


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The Sims The Twitter account announced the patch on Twitter this week, detailing the patch notes on EA’s website. The notes address a long list of issues, ranging from animation issues to Sims not participating properly in events. Sims should now follow directions when asked to gather for wedding activities, Sims with roles in the wedding will now complete their tasks, and wedding animations should no longer suffer from issues, among other fixes.

the My Marriage Stories The patch was announced in early March, but many players doubted that a working patch would be released any time soon. While the state of the DLC upon release remains a sore point for fans, the fact that EA delivered on their word fairly quickly demonstrates that The Sims the team listens to player feedback. The series has come under a lot of criticism lately over the direction it’s headed – smaller content in the form of kits has been prioritized over larger releases, with the team even releasing a kit before the My Marriage Stories room. Many have questioned the developer’s commitment to game quality, but a comprehensive patch like this may help change public opinion.

With this patch released, it’s unclear what’s next for the franchise. In early 2022, a sims roadmap has been released outlining the content for the first three months of the year, which ended earlier this month with the release of the Decor to the max Pencil case. Although a new roadmap has not yet been published, if the model of The Sims 4 the team listening to fan feedback continues, players may have exciting new content on the horizon.

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Source: EA, The Sims/Twitter

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