Sims 4 update lets Sims run away from fire, but won’t stop burns

A new update to The Sims 4 has just rolled out, allowing your Sims to run away from fire and when traveling longer distances. However, there is currently no way to escape burns in any of the best games of life On PC, as development studio EA Maxis says, it’s currently still working on a fix for the race of overly aggressive and nasty Sims that currently plagues the management game.

The Sims 4 update 1.93.129 arrived on PC and Mac on November 1 (alongside the equivalent patches from version 1.66 on consoles). It contains several keys bug fixes – the most notable of which is a change in the running behavior of Sims. All is well, Sims will now run when told to “go here” as long as the distance is long enough, they are not lazy, and currently do not have a debuff that would prevent them from running . This also means that they must now properly flee from fires, “unless they don’t”.

Additionally, a fix for sims 4 werewolves should now see newly transformed lycanthropes adopt appropriate fur patterns, rather than just defaulting to an all-black look. However, one of the most pervasive issues in the game right now – a bug causing an overwhelming increase in average interactions – is unresolved in the current patch. Following an update in October, many players reported that all of their Sims started being automatically mean and they constantly insult each other.

The team said he’s “working hard on investigations and fixes for some high-priority issues including overly aggressive/mean Sims, same-faced toddlers, and wants and fears not working.” However, he notes that there is currently no date when these issues could be resolved, but that he will keep players informed as these matters progress.

It’s also worth noting that, as with all updates, it’s worth saving your game if you’re using mods, as these can sometimes be affected by updates. Some Simmers on Reddit say they first dabbled in modding recently due to their inability to handle the relentless teasing caused by The Sims’ nasty glitch. One tool in particular, MC Command Center, has a specific toggle to disable “autonomous medium” interactions which largely limits the issue while players wait for an official fix.

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