Sims 4 Trolls Players in Update Putting Infamous Ring Girl Everywhere

The Sims 4 team released a new main menu for the game this week and used it as an opportunity to troll players with the infamous Ring Girl Sim.

A new update of The Sims 4The main menu of was released today, and the sims The team used this as an opportunity to troll the game’s fan base with the widely hated Sim known as “Ring Girl”. The game has seen many changes over its 7-year lifespan, receiving a huge amount of bug fixes, new content, and gameplay mechanics through The Sims 4 updates. The Sims 4 boasts one of the largest playerbases in gaming, having sold over 36 million copies since its release in 2014.

While most updates for The Sims 4 Turn to the game content, over the years, the game’s main menu has also undergone substantial changes. Along with cataloging player DLCs, parts of the main menu also highlight key game features to offer guidance to players, which often show Sims participating in the highlighted activity. A featured Sim using a cell phone quickly went viral in the gaming community as soon as he appeared on the menu due to his intense facial expression. Although not as big of an issue as things like The Sims 4 bugs and glitches, many gamers joked about how the Sim – dubbed “Ring Girl” by fans – haunted them, popping up on the home screen every time they logged in.


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It appears on The Sims 4 The team is in on the joke, trolling players with Ring Girl alongside the release of a new update focused on main menu design. The Sims The Twitter account not only announced the update with a picture of Ring Girl, but changed both their profile picture and profile header picture to feature the infamous Sim. They also revealed that Ring Girl will now be available to download from the game’s online gallery. Fans got great reactions immediately – user LuddySimmer posted a screenshot of Ring Girl’s gallery page and called The Sims “iconic” team for their recognition of the meme. Although many fans found trolling fans hilarious, the EA the patch notes unfortunately don’t mention any new content for The Sims 4, and only include a few sparse in-game bug fixes – the entire update focuses primarily on the new UI. User Déjate_Atrapar commented on this with a meme, pointing out how a “new lookfor the game took priority over highly requested game patches.

Although the sims The team announcing this new update with some kind of joke with the fans is very smart, the actual substance included in the update is considered insufficient. There are a few welcome bugfixes – such as manicured fingernails clipping into hands and in-game scenarios ending if Sims move house – but no major issues have been fixed and no new content has been released. added to the game. Many players have wondered if a new menu for the game is even necessary, and see this as a continuation of EA’s trend of focusing on new content rather than improving previous versions – for example, earlier this year a new kit was released for The Sims 4 before the unplayable bug My Marriage Stories received fixes.

The fact that the sims The team being aware that gamers don’t like Ring Girl is proof that they’re at least somewhat in tune with the game’s community, but they more often than not fail to consider fan opinions when it comes to it. it’s all about updates and new content for the game. Ring Girl’s takeover of the game’s Twitter page is undeniably funny, but the lack of content behind it has been disappointing for fans. However, with a new The Sims 4 roadmap coming in May, players can remain hopeful that bigger updates are coming soon.

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