Sims 4 Spellcaster Guide – Tips and Tricks

One of the various occult sims in Sims 4 are the spellcasters, a collection of bewitching and magical sims who can warp and alter the world around them.

Use their magic to help or hinder their daily lives, perhaps casting spells to create a grand and delicious meal for the whole family, or possibly enveloping all enemies in an inferno.

Maybe you’d like to fix broken gear with a flick of your wrist or use potions to alter the mood of your sims or their loved ones.

Overall, Spellcasters are some of the most versatile and fun sims to play and enjoy. This Sims 4 Spellcaster Guide will show you the ins and outs of all things magical in Sims 4.

Note that Spellcaster sims were introduced in and require realm of magic work.

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How to Create a Spellcaster Sim

The Sims 4 Magic Kingdom Guide
Spellcasters are magical wizards who can alter the world around them – Copyright Maxis/EA

There are two ways to create an occult Sim, either you can create a brand new one in the CAS, or you can turn a pre-existing sim into one, either by learning or cheating.

Create a Sim

As with all occult simulations, you will be able to create a spellcaster simulation by clicking on the occult option, there you will see the choice to create an occult simulation. These spellcasters will default to no learned spells and will start out as a sidekick sim.

learn magic

If you want to teach magic to your normal and ordinary sim, you will want your Sim to go to the magic realm. Once there, find a mentor or teacher and ask to learn magic. The game will ask you to follow a few instructions, but once you’ve done that, your sim will have earned the spark of magic to start learning.


If you don’t want to jump through the various hoops to turn your Sim into a spellcaster, then here are the various cheats you can use instead:

cheat codes Results
traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult Turn your Sim into a spellcaster
traits.remove_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult Transform your Spellcaster Sim into a normal Sim

Sims 4 Spellcaster Cheats

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Sims 4 Spell Casting Guide
Spellcasters can engage in magic duels – Copyright Maxis/EA

Here you will find all the Sims 4 spellcasting cheats. To use them, simply open the cheats menu with CRTL + Shift.

Sims 4 Prowess Tips Perks

cheat codes Results
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_1_KnowledgeIsMagic true 49153 {SimID} knowledge is magic
Sim reads and does computer research at a faster pace. These interactions also provide a magical experience over time.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_2_MoteHound true 49153 {SimID} Mote Hound
The Sim can now always see the magic particles and collect them. Particles can be consumed for experience and minor, random motivation boosts.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_3_ChargeControl true 49153 {SimID} Load control
All caster charge increases are reduced.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_4_Hexproof true 49153 {SimID} Talismanic Defense
The Sim is now protected from curses.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_5_MagicalResonance true 49153 {SimID} magic resonance
In The Magic Realm, the Sim is extremely powerful. They are death-protected from overload and can more freely build a charge and discharge their caster charge levels. Also increased success chance of potion brewing, drinking, and spell casting.

Sims 4 Cheats Alchemy Perks

cheat codes Results
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_1_BlenderArm true 49153 {SimID} Mixing arm
Potion crafting speed increased significantly.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_2_FrugalCombinations true 49153 {SimID} frugal combination
Chance when creating the potion that not all of the required ingredients will be used.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_3_ExtraChemistry true 49153 {SimID} A little extra chemistry
The potions crafted by this Sim are surprisingly tasty and have a little extra perk triggered when the potion is consumed.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_4_MixMaster true 49153 {SimID} mix master
Additional servings will be in the cauldron each time a potion is successfully created.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_5_PotentPotables true 49153 {SimID} Potent Drinkables
The effects of all potions are increased and/or last much longer. The Sim can now bewitch their potions to always fail.

Sims 4 Cheats Spell Casting Benefits

cheat codes Results
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_1_Discharge true 49153 {SimID} Dump
This Sim can now cast Discharge which drains the caster’s Charge.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_2_PowerShunt true 49153 {SimID} Power bypass
Casting a spell now adds significantly less caster charge.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_3_SpectralReach true 49153 {SimID} Spectral Range
Sim can now throw long distances (without having to get close to the target). Additionally, Sims no longer know who cast the spell on them so they don’t react negatively to you.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_4_MasterCaster true 49153 {SimID} master spell caster
Casting spells no longer fails when the Sim is in a normal caster load range, backfires are greatly reduced in charged and overcharged states.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_5_MasterDuelist true 49153 {SimID} Master Duelist
This Sim has greatly increased his chances of winning a duel and reaps better rewards.

Sims 4 Cheats Open Perks

cheat codes Results
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3C_PracticedPracticality true 49153 {SimID} Practice practiced
Convenient spells and potions always succeed when the Sim is within normal caster charge range, failure is greatly reduced in charged and overloaded states.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1A_IncredibleForager true 49153 {SimID} Amazing forager
This Sim receives more items when harvesting Magic Ingredients in the Magic Kingdom.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2A_InsightfulEye true 49153 {SimID} discerning eye
Tome research, experimentation, and play speeds are all greatly increased.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3A_MischiefMaster true 49153 {SimID} master of mischief
Mischief spells and potions always succeed when the Sim is within normal load range of the caster, failure is greatly reduced in charged and overcharged states.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4A_NaturalMentor true 49153 {SimID} natural mentor
Increased relationships and skill gains when training or experimenting with other spellcasters.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1B_Experimenter true 49153 {SimID} Experimenter
When experimenting and practicing, Sim gains experience faster with fewer failures.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2B_WitchSocialite true 49153 {SimID} Socialite of the caster
Unlock magical social interactions with other Spellcasters that will provide Spellcaster XP.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3B_TameTheUntameable true 49153 {SimID} Taming the Indomitable
Wild spells and potions always succeed when the Sim is within normal caster charge range, failure is greatly reduced in the charged and overcharged states.
bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4B_MagicalDiscounts true 49153 {SimID} Magic Discounts
The Sim receives a 50% discount on all purchases made at The Magic Realm market stalls.

Sims 4 Spells

The Sims 4 spells are separated into three subgenres, each requiring your sim to be at a different rank in order to learn and master. There are practical spells that focus on increasing your needs as well as helping with your daily activities.

Mischief spells focus more on casting spells on others which can have a number of different effects. Then there are the wild spells which tend to be quite hostile towards others, but can also be very beneficial to yourself or even defy nature.

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Cheats Sims 4 Spellcasting Guide
The Sims 4 Spell List – Copyright Maxis/EA

You are only allowed a limited number of spellcasting perks through normal means, but you can use cheats to let your sim learn all possible perks.

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Practical spells

spells Effects Rank required
Repair Repair a broken item or improve the quality of crafted items Neophyte
Scrubberoo Make something (or someone) perfectly clean Neophyte
Delicious Create a tasty meal from scratch Acolyte
floralorial Keep your plants healthy and insect free Acolyte
Transportalate Instantly move to another location, regardless of distance Expert
copy pasto Turn one small object into many Expert
Herbio Create a fully grown plant even in the most fallow soils Master
Homewardial Return to the Magic Kingdom Master
Rite of Ascension Give the gift of magic to another Sim Virtuoso

Malice Spells

spells Effects Rank required
Despair Fill a Sim’s mind with feelings of intense sadness Neophyte
Delirium Hit a Sim’s head and scramble their thoughts Neophyte
furio Convince two Sims to argue and fight Acolyte
Head spin Convince two Sims to become romantic with each other Acolyte
to burglarize Acquire something that does not belong to you Expert
Morphiate Turn an unhappy Sim into an inanimate object Master
Foreign Make a Sim look repulsive to everyone around them Virtuoso

wild spells

spells Effects Rank required
inferni Instantly incinerate your target with the power of fire Neophyte
ZipZap Harness electrical energy and give something a jolt Acolyte
Necrocall Summon the dead from their final resting place Acolyte
Pepper Creates a blast of cold air that freezes anyone it touches Expert
Minionize Control another Sim’s mind and bend them to your will Expert
Demortify Restore a ghost to its original physical form Master
Decursify Free yourself from the effects of a magical curse Master
Duplicate Create a perfect replica of yourself, for a time Virtuoso

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