Sims 4 September 2021 Broken Mods: TOOL, Better Build Buy Updates Coming Soon

Despite some fears it would wreak havoc, The Sims September 4, 2021 patch that added nails to the base game and included an overhaul to the Spa Day game pack left mods and custom content largely unscathed.

Some players have reported issues with mods that change the user interface (UI) of the game. Weerbesu’s UI Cheats extension has already been updated, and you should grab the latest version if you don’t already have it. made.

MC Command Center was reported to be working fine and we didn’t encounter any issues when testing it in our game.

Some of the most used Sims 4 mods like TOOL, Clean UI, and Better Build Buy, all created by TwistedMexi, were impacted in some cases, with the latter being the most severely affected.

TwistedMexi has confirmed that they are aware of the issues with their mods and that a fix is ​​in the works. Fixes for the TOOL mod and Clean UI should be released on Thursday.

However, Better Build Buy requires more comprehensive patches after the latest Sims 4 update, but the creator was hoping that an update would be ready later Thursday or Friday.

Sims 4 Mods Updated After September 2021 Patch

Other mods that didn’t work as expected, but have already been flagged as updated, are listed below – as found on the official Sims forums and maintained by luthienrising as usual.

  • 25 days vacation (school module) (MSQSims)
  • All Freelance Careers for Teens (MSQSims)
  • All Traits in Reward Store (Chingyu)
  • Apartment Neighborhood Trouble Prevention Mod (Halapeco)
  • Kids’ Bikes (MSQSims)
  • Choose yours (TwelfthDoctor1)
  • Custom characteristics in the club filter (Chingyu)
  • Developer Access Panel (TwelfthDoctor1) – update
  • Meaningful Stories (roBurky)
  • More CAS Traits Mod (Chingyu)
  • More columns in CAS (weerbesu)
  • No automatic tea/coffee (Eunola)
  • No automatic cooking (Eunola)
  • No autonomous calculation (MSQSims)
  • Baking Lover Trait (Caradriel) – not patch related
  • Pizza Preferences (Kuttoe)
  • Sims4 Tattoos Unlocked for Kids and Toddlers (Gauntlet101010)
  • UI cheat extension (weerbesu)
  • Make more uncomfortable (Chingyu)
  • Unlocked CAS Parts (Fogity)
  • Unlock rewards (TwelfthDoctor1)
  • Walk normally (Chingyu) – Emotional walks
  • Several mods by LittleMsSam

Please note that this list above is by no means exhaustive and even if you have updated content, you may still experience issues with mods and custom content in your game.

If you notice any issues loading The Sims 4 after an update, you should check directly with the creators of the mods and custom content you are using to see if they have released any updates or are at the stream of problems.

There may also be situations where the issues are related to a conflict between the mods themselves, even if you have updated to the most recent versions. For issues that cannot be identified with regular troubleshooting, it is best to follow the support channels provided by the modders themselves.

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