Sims 4 Scenarios: Mod to access it whenever you want

The Sims 4 recently added scenarios to the base game – essentially a structured way to participate in existing player-created challenges. Of course, they don’t officially call it player-created challenges, but we’ll just be sipping our tea (well, coffee anyway) for this part.

To add a kind of dopamine-fueled appeal to some, some Sims 4 scenarios are only available for a specific period of time. While there might be some logic to this for something like holiday-themed storylines, it didn’t really make sense for the recently added Too Many Toddlers storyline.

We’re not going to discuss the pros and cons of storylines for The Sims 4 here (we could write an essay on that), but we’re going to share some good news for players who don’t like to be hemmed in by decisions seemingly arbitrary. restrictions imposed by EA.

The Sims 4 Scenarios Mod by TwistedMexi

Modder TwistedMexi, the genius behind mods like Better Build Buy, Take Objects Off Lot (TOOL), and the still-in-alpha Create-a-World mod for The Sims 4, is here to save us once again.

Simply called All Scenarios, TwistedMexi found the time to put together this super simple mod allowing Simmers to play all scenarios whenever they want. He is available for all his Patreons as a Release Candidate right now. Below is the official description:

All Scenarios – Access EA Scenarios whenever you want!

I know there’s been a lot of TCA stuff lately, but I’m not letting all my other clients down! Here is a mod that will remove limited time and partial scenario listings. By inserting this package file into your Mods folder, you will have access to all EA scenarios up to the current patch!

It looks like the “Surviving The Holidays” scenario shipped with the last patch, its timer just hasn’t activated it yet, so you can already try it out using All Scenarios.

It’s a release candidate, which means all customers have access to it, and I believe it’s free or nearly bug-free. This will be the public version if no issues are found. The public release is scheduled for 12.7.21

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