Sims 4 rent is too high

In many parts of the world, rents are rising faster than tenants can keep up – and it looks like The Sims 4 rent is doing the same thing. Players who jumped into EA’s popular game of life since he became free this month have sometimes been stunned by their monthly bills – often because they don’t know how they are calculated.

“Does anyone know how to bring down rental prices?” asks editor peachymoonlightea in a post on The Sims Franchise subreddit. The post contains an image of the Sims family’s monthly bills, which total 3,852,854 simoleons. It’s a tough payment to make, even for Sims in some of the highest-paying career fields in The Sims 4, like military officers and fashion designers.

Does anyone know how to lower the rental price? of the sims

As commenters point out in the thread, one place where many new Sims 4 players have trouble is the total value of their Sims’ homes. Monthly bills are calculated based on everything these Sims own, not just the home itself. You may have a modest house, but if you fill it with priceless fiddles, your monthly bill will be high.

However, putting these items in storage will not help you, as the items you have in storage are also calculated in your monthly bills.

You may also see massive bill increases due to the effects of certain The Sims 4 Modssuch as the MC Command Center.

One way to reduce those bills, of course, is to get rid of some of the high-value items your Sims have around the house and in your inventory. However, you can also bring this character back to earth by unlocking the Frugal trait for your Sims.

If a Household Sim has this trait (which you can unlock in the Satisfaction Rewards Shop once a Sim has earned 2000 Satisfaction Points from Quirks), you will receive a 25% discount on these monthly bills. The best news, however, is that the trait stacks – so the more Sims in the household, the lower your bills – with a 90% discount for having eight frugal Sims living in the same house.

If you’re interested in playing but haven’t yet, here’s How to download The Sims 4 for free and start your own adventures in economic insecurity.

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