Sims 4 Players Are Freaking Out About Ring Ring Girl

Update: A recent patch removed the scary Ring Ring Girl from

The Sims 4 menu, but it can still haunt your waking nightmares in the Gallery.

If you’ve launched The Sims 4 since the last update went live, you’ll have already found that there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to get you excited about. There may also have been a time when you may have been led to believe that the patch broke your game. That’s because Ring Ring Girl, the character-turned-meme that sometimes haunts a corner of your main menu , now takes up the entire page.

No, your copy of The Sims 4 isn’t broken, nor are you having a horrible nightmare. Ring Ring Girl, or Callia Maebey (say it out loud), has been plastered all over the main menu on purpose. A playful, if slightly terrifying joke from the Maxis developers, and perhaps an intentional indicator that he’s paying attention to the game’s vocal community.


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Ring Ring Girl has been giving Sims players the heebie-jeebies for the past year, but now she’ll be able to do it on a whole new level. Not only because several pairs of her soulless eyes are now there to greet you when you start the game, but also because she is now in the game itself. Ring Ring Girl Has Been Added To The Sims 4 Gallery, Reports Kotakumeaning you can integrate the phone-obsessed Maebey into your homes and neighborhoods.

Sims players have had fun with Maebey before, getting their own back after months of being scared off by his presence on the main menu. The Sims Community Twitter account pointed out how fun it is to have Ring Ring Girl dance in her own pee until she passes out from the heat while sharks swim beneath her. She’s a little out there but damn it, it feels like going from zero to sixty a little too fast.

Ring Ring Girl and some minor game tweaks aren’t the only improvements coming to The Sims 4 this week. There is also the time limit Fanatic Frog Scenario which, when active, makes your Sim want to collect more frogs, because who doesn’t?

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