Sims 4 Modder TwistedMexi Reveals Project Raven is Create a World

If you’ve been keeping tabs on TwistedMexi’s mods for The Sims 4, you probably had an idea this was coming. The creator of the popular Take Objects Off Lot (TOOL) mod and Better Build Buy mod has finally revealed what the Raven project is.

It took the modder two years and Alpha access won’t be available until October 21, 2021 for Patreon subscribers, but Create a World is coming to The Sims 4.

Players familiar with TwistedMexi’s TOOL mod will recognize the UI elements shown in the trailer, but it’s TOOL on steroids with the modder describing some of its features as pretty “basic” compared to what the Create-a-World mod will offer.

More details on exactly how it will work have not been released, but TwistedMexi answered some questions on Twitter after the trailer was released.

According to the modder, these worlds will be recognized by the game as “truly separate worlds” and will rely on predefined templates for the initial release.

with batch editing and placement done through a so-called template builder.

“Think of models as the structure of the land/lot. Model creators can choose to share their model or just the finished world,” he explained.

Other Sims 4 modders have released custom worlds for The Sims 4 and even some sort of lite version of Create-a-World, but no one has created an exclusive, standalone mod with such extensive integration as the version of TwistedMexi.

And in case you didn’t catch it, the Raven Project codename was inspired by the mod’s acronym – CAW. You know, like the sound crows make?

Watch TwistedMexi’s Project Raven Trailer – Create A World

Please note that there is a flash warning for certain sections of this video.

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